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H A N A Jul 2019
Sometimes, all we need is to wait.
Wait for the flowers to bloom,
wait for the rain to pour,
wait for someone who will get us out
of our comfort zone,
wait for the things to get better,
wait for the right time,
wait for the right love.

Sometimes, I said.

Do not wait forever.
Do not wait all the time.
Do not wait for happiness to find you.
Stand up.
Look for something that will make you say,
"What is not to love about this day?"
Nothing will happen if you just stare outside.
Go out.
Find something to cherish for a lifetime.

And be brave.
Comeback is real.
H A N A Dec 2018
our love is a tragedy
and I am just a victim
you take away my sanity
I’m now lost in my rhythm

you take my world by storm
and it made me face adversity
I had a pressure to conform
to escape; to survive this calamity

here’s to finally celebrating
all of my sick misadventures
with you, my life is maiming
all I need now is a **** closure

I felt sorry for believing in you
and for those tears that I did muster
tonight, I whispered a fond adieu
my love, you’re a disaster
To my friend who was undeniably devastated by her recent breakup. You are a strong woman. I''m here to always support you. Big loves! ♥
H A N A Nov 2018
you strangle me
 for hours, for days
   for another episode
  of  your emotional
    wrangling  of ideas.
   you  choke  me,
  you   hold   me
 on  the   neck
 where  you’d
  usually  touch
  me and linger
  me to sip, lick
 w h a t e v e r
you  can  get
  inside  of  me,
 you   quench
  y o u r   o w n
 t h i r s t, without
  knowing  that you could
  actually  make me hollow inside
and  you  chose  not to  acknowledge
that  ‘coz that would break  you, and
that  would  make  you  hate  the fact
that  you  are  now  on  the  verge  of
drinking  'til  you ­ drown  your  mind.
Honey,  you have lost all  of your safe
defenses  and  you’ve been nowhere to
be found. The scent of the *** is now
circling in the room. And like how  you
manage   to   pick  yourself  up  to  get
another   one to pop,    you are able to
light   another  stick  of  that  cigarette
that’s been on the table for two weeks
now. My  alcohol is making  your head
spin as of this moment. What now? No!
Please stop! After  you’ve caressed me,
now  you’re  going  to  throw me on the
wall? Are you crying? Oh, honey, please
just calm down. It is okay,  I understand.
I know the  feeling  of  being empty and
it feels like hell. Oh, sure, just put me on
the corner of the room. I am ready to be
forgotten  for  another  week  or so now.
Come back when you're sober.
H A N A Oct 2018
darkness was unsettling
pain was concealed
odds were undying
the wreck
was revealed

distance was maiming
noise was eagerly silenced
lights were flickering
to death,
life was sentenced
  Aug 2018 H A N A
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
H A N A Jun 2018
My life is like a dandelion
Spending my days under the sun
Then he came holding a little crayon
With his jet black sketches undone

My heart's been doomed since then
In moonlight, it hued to a dark silver-grey
He was the brightest among other men
"Please pick me." I repeatedly pray

He did and instantly, I was blissful as gold
Days are short but bursting into intense joy
But then his eyes turned blue; so dark, ice cold
Was he a trap or was he a perfect decoy?

My glows are gone but still, the stars shine
I lost my beams and my wandering mind
I will still grow and be completely fine
Believing that I was a rainbow, and he was color-blind
Because for once in our lives, we've been to a point where we couldn't see our worth. And when you start seeing your worth, you'll find it harder to stay around people who don't.
  Jun 2018 H A N A
in a world full of colour,
i am a blank canvas.
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