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Hana-Grace Wiebe Jul 2012
Leave, left, leaving
I never felt the grass weaving
I never felt my skin peeling
off my shoulders and into my hands

Bent, break, breaking
I never left my hands shaking
I never held my throat, aching
down my spine and into the bedframe

Held, hold, healing
I never kept my knees kneeling
I never felt my mouth bleeding
off my chin and onto my chest

Heal, hell, heaving
I never slipped my hands, thieving
I never caught my feet leaving
off the grass and into the street
Hana-Grace Wiebe May 2012
My hour
Beside me an easy storm
Through me by blooming power
River drunk
Recalling the taste of sun
My little sound rise and hold
Hana-Grace Wiebe Apr 2012
My quick baby, who loves you?
Oh slow waker, who arches?
       Backs bent over rolling water

  Water, who swallows?
Chest shaking under heavy wool
       Weight, who spins?

Thick dust down soft temples
    Heat, who flickers?
Multiply- make room, make room
           Darling, what gathers?

          Soak my honey-stung tongue-tip
     Cold, who wanders?
      Leave my bent frame on stiff soil
Body, why bother?

        Lazy smoke, tell me, tell me, who rises.
                 The air is thinner towards the peak.
Hana-Grace Wiebe Nov 2011
blood boils
   fingernails fill
       cliffs only jump '*** they were told to.
Hana-Grace Wiebe Jul 2011
Doors and Keys;

My throat aches
I need warmth,
On my chest and stomach

My jaw aches
I need breath,
On my neck and shoulders

My eyes ache
I need tension,
On my ribs and knuckles

My throat aches
I need
I need
I need to get a grip
Hana-Grace Wiebe Jul 2011
With Liberty and Lust for all!
Hana-Grace Wiebe Jul 2011
If obligation is a sin

I am such a fashionable writer

I am Bukowski

My brain swims in chemicals


My legs swim in sheet

My mouth moves subconsciously


My palms are always numb.
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