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Haley Rezac Oct 2014
Looked in the mirror
knew I was drunk 'cause my face
was a pretty one.
Haley Rezac Jun 2014
I spent the first few
hours of summer lazing
with the boy I love.
Haley Rezac May 2014
I can't sleep tonight
but I'm dreaming of you
and it's 12:51 AM
I'm so upset because you're my only
safe haven and yet
you're so faraway
at 12:52 AM

my heart is split in half:
one half is with you in your bed
across town
while the other is broken
and yet to be found

God you don't know
how much I love you
and even I don't think
I can piece it all together
but ****,
do I really have to try now
at 12:55 AM?
can't I shut down my brain
like the rest of the city has already
and figure it out when the sun is shining?

It's 12:58 AM
and the Klonopin is kicking in
these words are swirling
and I'm fighting it because
I need to finish these conscious thoughts of you--
who knows what I'll conjure up
when my eyes are closed?
all I know is
I won't stop loving you
not at 1:02 AM
or God knows when

I'm coming back to you my love
though first if you don't mind
I'll close my eyes and
drift away to Slumberland

keep your half of my heart safe
in your bed
while I'm gone,
won't you?
This is quite possibly the worst poem I've ever written, but that's what I get for babbling on into a microphone while I'm half asleep.
Haley Rezac May 2014
I had a boy on top of me tonight
but not just any boy
he's an angel
a champion
my only hope in the most dreary of days

he laid on top of me in the grass
with lighting flashing behind his eyes
the wind shook the branches around us
and this angel
gathered me up in
every fold of his heart
we drifted towards euphoria--

I swear I'm in love.
Haley Rezac May 2014
These scratches on my arms
are just pitiful attempts
at even a grasp of sanity

The marks left behind
are reminders that I'm still living
an unbelievably weary existence

I would've used a knife
or a match
but my nails were the closest
the most convenient
the least likely to draw attention

I went too far and now
my arms are decorated in
long talon scars

who knew I'd dig so deep
for a little dose of purity?
I don't know where to go from here.
Haley Rezac Apr 2014
Lover I am yours and you are mine
and I will love you 'til the end of time
but I can no longer deny (I can't deny)
I'm diseased, I was conceived
under the blood of night.

This balcony is cold so can we please go inside?
Love, I'm not a fan of this game of seek and hide
I see you in the shadows hunting for a soul to sell
but Lover, are you not aware that we're already in Hell?

I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm screaming out your name
I warned you that this balcony was only cold and grey
It's got secrets I wish I could scream etched beneath its skin
it was the final surface of a jumper, crazed as hell by all his sins.

Lover I am yours and you are mine
and I will love you 'til the end of time
but I'm afraid my time is all used up
so with that, my love, I wish you the best of luck.
Haley Rezac Apr 2014
Lover I've got a problem
You're not kissing my neck
gripping my sides
You're not letting me
succumb myself to the joy
laced within your skin cells
and God forbid you're not
whispering future plans
in my ear
I can't see you bite your lip
I can't hear the small gasps
that sneak up from the depths
of your throat
I can't smell your cologne
or your bed sheets
or your favorite pillow
**It's all so **** far away
I miss you.
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