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 Nov 2014 haley
r u feeling ok
 Nov 2014 haley
i keep saying "i cant stop drowning" and i know you dont believe me
(this is okay;im used to it
i have a cardboard box full of letters without stamps)
you call me casanova like you have a bad taste in yr mouth
(this is okay too;dont feel bad
dont try and pull the spiders from my mouth)
yr nose is bleeding
 Aug 2014 haley
Yes, we shall walk amongst fallen leaves
And acorns scattered in the woods
We'll sip iced-tea on the porch
And Coca-Cola in the shade
We'll step over mushrooms
Of a creamy, ivory hue
We'll hold hands when we take walks
In the meadows of lush green
Everything will be happy
My dear one, have no fear
For this is our wish
For each other
Just to live in harmony
Maybe to sit and relax
On the old wooden porch swing
Or curl up on the hammock
Just for an afternoon nap
I'll pick some daffodils and irises
And even make you a daisy chain
And necklaces made of dandelions
That look like pure golden sunshine
We'll go to the creek
Hidden amongst thick, dense forest trees
We'll sit on the big, rocky boulders
Or wade in the cool water
In the evenings
Inside our old-fashioned dream home
We'll gather together in the parlor
Just all three of us
And write poetry by the fireside
Everything's quiet
Except for the ticking of clocks
And the crackle of flames
From our grand old fireplace
So, we'll keep on wishing, mother dear
Our wish for each other
Maybe some day soon--
Some happy day
Our wish will come true

Wrote this in my notebook and wanted to post it!! :) ~~~~<3
This is dedicated to my Mom, Hilda...
It is inspired by her poem "Dreams"
Which was a poem she dedicated to me
And also inspired by her other poem "My Dream For You"!!!
Hope you all enjoy this, especially my Mom!! :) ~~~~<3
 Mar 2014 haley
 Mar 2014 haley
All I wanted
was to spend my time
with her,
in her eyes,
her time
 Feb 2014 haley
Light of my heart
I* loved you dearly
Ever in my heart I cherish you

Dedicated to my kitten, Callie
Who passed away 1-2 years ago!!! ~~~~<3
Today I was thinking about how much
I dearly miss her sweet and comforting presence!!! ~~~~~<3
Rest in peace in the comforting arms of God, Callie dear!!! ~~~~<3
But I shall always miss you
Until the day I die and see you in Heaven!!! ~~~~~<3
Until Then!!! ~~~~<3

I hope you enjoy this poem, my HP friends!!! ~~~~~<3
 Jan 2014 haley
Amber Blank
She moves in the night spinning away
The reason for her being, her purpose in this world
Easy for her, able to work without a worry
This simple spinning begins to form a harmony
A song of beauty and joy
For her task reveals the miracle of one small creature

A painting, no two ever alike
A masterpiece usually never seen, never admired
Only in existence for one night then blown away
by the morning mist
Extraordinary the life of this small spider
And the wonder that she brings
Decorating the world, working for one thing

Watching her spin leaves me at awe
Wondering how such beauty can go to waste
Wondering why we can't see the simple miracles all around
Instead the human race is drowning in our own reflection, our own sound.
 Jan 2014 haley
Francisco Ortiz
I don’t want to think about her anymore.
But I just can't seem to get her out of my head.
I know she never thinks about me,
so why am I always stuck with the thought of her?

Every day, she is there.
In my head
And it hurts, it hurts to know
That you and I have no future outside of my thoughts
Because in reality you ignore me
you see me and quickly look away,
and you dont know how much that ******* hurts
how much it hurts to be in love with a girl like you.
A girl who innocently prances around my mind and turns me into a nervous wreck.
I curiously asked her
because I don’t want to hurt you
Well then why does my heart hurt the way it does?
because I must forget.
I must rid my mind of the thoughts she left behind!
But I can't
as much as I want too
*I just can't
Its late and I couldnt sleep because of silly thoughts.
 Jan 2014 haley
maybella snow

you still

hurt me


I still

need you
 Nov 2013 haley
It was such a delightful evening,
He came to say "Sorry but I am leaving."
I felt  my breath stop my heart pause  but then,
"I love love you still.
As you should know.
I always have and I alway will.
To  prove my love to you I shall show.
That for every place and everyday,
I travel farther,
I will find someway to say,
You are my only true lover."
So with that he went,
Leaving the promise of a postcard for days away he said.
And everyday one was sent,
And everyday one was read.

Moscow, Russia
Time here is quiet cold,
I hope in my absence that your heart has not been sold.

Copenhagen, Denmark
The people here are sweet,
For you any man I'd beat.

Warsaw, Poland
At my hotel the  floor buttons stars at zero then works up it took nearly an hour to get to my room,
When I get home into your heart  shall I zoom.

Nicosia, Cyprus
The only place to have a map  on its falg till  2008,
You are my desier's only bait.

San Jose, Costa rica
There are so many people here it seems like you can't go five feet without hitting some one,
Love you more then the moon and stars ***.

Addis aababa, Ethiopia
I love you still,
I always will.

Helsiniki, Finland
Their school education is ranked number one,
Maybe we should move and start a family four kids, a cat, a dog could be fun.

Cairo, Egypt
The sites here are amazing (much more than just sand),
What size do  you supose you'd wear for a wedding band?

Athens, Greece
They say it's the cradil of civilization,
They pride themselfs on civilization.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Aka: suprizingly not cold,
Hope my  rambles arn't getting too old.

Male, Maldives
The capital was built on a 2sq mile island yet there are hardly any beaches,
What's in season there again, Peaches?

Bucharest, Romania
While the older men chase after me with sharp sticks the young ladys scream for kisses (grandma says it has something to do with Twilight?)


I go to work without a note,
All I can do is hope.

The day is silent,
nothing was sent.

I walk home as it starts to poor,
My hearts acks soar.

My unbrella's red dome gleams in the gloomy sky,
At my doorstep there is this guy.

His cap pulled down soaked to the bone,
He pulls out a slip of paper that shone.

I take and read it...

I pray you still love me,
I swear there isn't a fee.
If you still love me,
Pray it be.

"My paciante child, will you marry me?"
Tears form and  he is all I can see.

My hair is an awful mess.

But I don't care,
I sling my arms around him a hug is the first thing in years we share.

"I love you, too."
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