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  May 25 Donna
Sarita Aditya Verma
Days of uncertainty await many
Days undefined lived by many
Days together / apart lived by many
Days never to be forgotten / remembered lived by many
Days that bring days are the days that many have been living
Days beyond, to look forward to are the times and days wanted by many
What are these days

Every Day
Positive thoughts and energy would take us all to the days that are meant to be
Donna May 23
As I sat in my car
I looked out the window
And there she was
Sitting on a wooden bench
On this very sunny day
Eating freshly cooked chippy chips
With her plastic face shield
Pushed to one side
And in the precise moment
Life seemed a little normal once again.
Me and my hubby went to pick up our sons bike from a bike repair shop and I saw an old lady sitting on a bench eating chips wearing a plastic face shield pushed to one side just to eat her chips and she seemed like she was totally enjoying her chips really made me smile bless her , **
  May 23 Donna
Sarita Aditya Verma
In your mind
There’s a place
You often drift away to

No eyes peering at you
Oblivious to the crowd
Aware unabated

The din outside
Puts a rest to the one inside
The music silent, faint

The rhythmic beats
The pulse felt, makes sense
The heart awake
  May 23 Donna
Sarita Aditya Verma
It’s the quiet, of the calm
That quietly exists
With the rage, of the storm
Non displaces other

As, the dark of the night
Never replaces
The bright shining sun
Eternally, they live
Donna May 21
I went outdoors with
my love ones , we ate dinner
and sat with the trees
Me and my family may have only been
in our garden , but had a lovely time eating talking surrounded by lovely trees **
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