Stop setting yourself on fire for people who will sit back and watch you burn.
 Jan 22 Hannah
I don't blame you for
Your choice. ****** loved you
Long before I did.
 Dec 2017 Hannah
 Dec 2017 Hannah
Solemn nocturne
accompanies my night

Invisible orchestra
serenading the moon

You will sing
the chorus of this respite

But all had ended
in a verse sung too soon
"Oversensitive, dramatic,
its nothing, get over it"

Why do I hate
Do I need to berate

Do I always plunge the knife that deep?

Tear at my insides like im dying of hunger and trying to feed myself with what little soul i am told i have left but i find myself an empty wasteland and it *****. It really does

"Love yourself"

How do you love yourself when all youve ever been allowed to believe is your pitiful little girl in the corner narrative
The i wish you werent born. Useless.
A burden.
If smiling was a sin.

The numbness from within
Is after all Only redemption


You broke me and now you expect me to heal myself so you dont have to look at the pieces and feel bad.

Well Feel bad.

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