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377 · Jul 2014
Hadley Erin Jul 2014

I wrote this a long time ago.
355 · Jul 2014
Just fine
Hadley Erin Jul 2014
Black water, through still shadows of the night.
What calls beyond the tree line?
The deer are fine
the rabbits fine
Just fine.
But something is worn out, through pastel fields.
it's not fine.
350 · Jul 2014
Hadley Erin Jul 2014
Save me from what?
Time, sorrow
no, it's tomorrow-
Sweet, but there's not function.
I see you're only helping.
I'll do it
I won't shatter.
I suggest you leave me be
for something that
Hadley Erin Jul 2014
I lift my voice to let out color, but it all detaches to dust and sorrow.
The unmistaken misfortunes stay calmly untouched
the way they should be.
Because, listening can make your emotions thinner
trust me.
It is as real as opening a window,
as real as letting the breeze chill your space,
as real at the last kisses taste.
Be careful with your sympathetic heart, it can crumble and turn to flames
so, find your own hand
don't let go
the grasp of yourself, is as important as so.
It might take forever, but remember
the detailed shades of your life,
will never wonder
moments are tied together,
so you'll never forget
that instant
270 · Jul 2014
The last
Hadley Erin Jul 2014
It wasn't an average day
but ordinary struggles of our life
we heard the bleeding screams and felt the silence in the sky
all human kind was ready to die.
When more space was clear, we prayed to loose fear.
Now we know that God is dead to.
If powers, magic, potions and love
could loosen the grip of death at our last sip
one last drink is all we need
The deed is clear,
let us be set free.
53 · Dec 2020
Hadley Erin Dec 2020

Frankincense’s match

Like Jesus to Magdalene the holy dance

Saap thick like the blood that runs thick through the veins of a trunk

— The End —