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one day
when the sunlight
stops playing hide and seek
with the clouds

i will set down my worn out pen
and stop scribbling about you
the tears streaming down my cheeks
will not be for your benefit

as the trees
shed their leaves
the color of the summer sunset

my pen's ink will have dried up
and my sappy poems brown at the edges
i have learned to pick myself up
one discolored piece at a time

as the waves
start to calm
and the tides
start to quiet down

i start scribbling
i start scribbling about happiness
about how the stars are all in place
and how i have taped and colored in
my once shattered heart
 Jul 2014 Hadley Erin
The Whisper
Please write with your hearts,

And your complicated minds.

Our words bring wonder.
I tip my hat to all my fellow writers. I love reading your work.
Falling in love in a dream
is the worst
because you wake up and
no one's there.
Im so delightfully mad
So hindered by sadness

Becoming considerate
In an inconserate world

Wish I could show you where I
Come from
Its no use

For I am the fool
Babbling in the wind
I am the song rushing from the current
Of a dark sea

I wish above all you see the good in me
I hope above all I just insight you to dream

Transparency is my only downfall
I'm a book you're more than welcome
To read

Who cares who I am

I am the fool

Just read me like a book
And dream
Of what may lie
Beyond this dark sea

Stretched out past eternity
Far beyond my madness
Or silly ego
Of man
And proud of it
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