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Poetrylover Nov 2021
It is  1 am,  
Lights out,  
Doors closed,  
Curtains pulled.  

I am alone with my own thoughts,  
Fighting and struggling,  
What a chaotic mess,  
Jobs from 9 to 5,  
Partying till the night,
People are alive,  
Yet dreams have died,  
What a chaos.  

Its 1 am and the silence is taking over,  
Silence is my companion,  
And together we are the champions,  
For we take over the world,  
Just with the power of our thoughts,  
My thoughts: "Let's hurt this person,  
And ignore the consequences"
Because my thoughts and I have  no limits.

I finally found the source of my own dark thoughts,  
It’s the people who have shattered my soul,  
That’s the link,
That's why I drink,  
And my consciousness began to sink.  

Its 1 am,  
Just close your eyes,
And dream happily.
I was told to imagine the words "Chaos, Silence, Consequences, and Link" when writing this poem. I decided to connect their stories. If you have any notes on how I can improves my writing let me know.
Poetrylover Sep 2021
**** your happiness,
your carefree smiles and laughter.

**** your friendship,
your trust and your loyalty.

**** your love,
your passion and your kisses.

**** your success,
your pride and your achievements.

******* and the things that light up your world,
******* if you think I'm selfish for thinking
******* if you think that jealousy is unreasonable,
I have nothing and I have everything.
*******, Its the new me.

Let the past shape you in a way, where you'd look back and remember that everything happens for a reason.
Poetrylover Nov 2020
New life,
New beginnings,
I am terrified to go through the experiences again,
Everything I have worked for
Gone in vain.
In 6 months I am going away,
I wish I could stay,
But it's time for me go
And get my life started again.
Poetrylover Nov 2020
I gave you everything you wanted,
"Can you do this for me?"
"Of course my love"
When its my turn to ask " Can you do this with me?"
She says, "no thank you"
I have been respectful of her wishes and desires,
While she disrespected mine.
I wonder of what's to be,
If you love me the way I want to be loved,
Is that too hard to ask?
Poetrylover Nov 2019
"Cross my heart and I hope to die".
She will never tell the truth and will always lie,
A stare down contest,
Eyes up and down
Like a flubbed context,
Eyes so brown,
Like a ***** fawn,
And a dead pawn.
What a pathological liar you are.
***** you and your lies.
Lying is like cheating on other people's emotions.
Poetrylover Mar 2019
A conversation's Expectation Vs. Reality


Her: "Are you okay, What are you thinking about?"
Me: "It's been months and we haven't had the heat that we had,
I am thinking about stripping you with my bare hands,
I am thinking about softly biting your lips while I am holding your hair in a tight grip,
Your back against the wall,
Gently pressing my body against yours,
My heart racing and my thoughts are fading,
I want you all wet and moaning and softly kissing my neck.
I want to run my hands up your body and feel every beat,
I want my fingers to run up your thighs and gently rub your gate of pleasure
I want you to grab me and let me ****** In you,
you are softly moaning and whispering "**** me, I want you inside of me"
Lips dancing, legs crossing, and sweat drops,
Hold me tight and never let go,
For our nights where our hearts dance,
I wish we could do that every night,
And let our bodies do the dance of the light"


Her: "Are you okay, What are you thinking about?"
Me: "Nothing I Just spaced out"
Poetrylover Aug 2018
Its 3 am,
Yet here I am,
Struggling to keep my eyes shut,
And finally,
You hold me passionately,
Your fingers running through the tips of my hair,
Leading me into your lair.
I lay down by you.
As I go down on you,
You moan my name,
You say "that's it",
But I know you want more,
Your body language when you held my head and kept me there,
While my fingers are sliding down your body,
You held my hand placed on your chest,
I could hear your heart beating so intensely,
As if it was begging me to be less gently,
I love you,
I miss you,
Hold my hands and slide them down your thighs,
So I can hold on to them
While we are re-telling the story
Of the bird and the bees,
While pounding with our heartbeats,
"Make love to me and I shall let you drown,
In my wet soaked dreams,
As you scream".
I can't believe,
You picked me,
As your lover to be.
I love you,
I love your body.
Don't be ashamed of your personal bird and the bees version.
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