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H J St Jun 2018
Today,... I was struck by a radiant spark
As if the universe gifted me new sight
She shared her quiet smile and affections
A view free and bright
A laugh sweet and smart
From 6700 virtual kilometers away.
She is a delicacy of energy and passion
An old soul of many lives
Illuminating life through kind acts
She shared with me so that I might
Get to know her gentle way.

Fennie is uniquely above.
Like her name, her loyalty is rare.
Like her art, she deeply cares.
As you share your selfless acts
She’ll gift you hers through selfless love.

As she wanders about in her beautiful mind.
She is like a true Leo
Moving fast and free
Caring, open and honest
Endearing others to sweetly see.
She is like true Impressionist Art
Creating sensations to move you close
Brushing thin and bold strokes with her touch.
She wanders among the world, cities, and now mine
All in an order to share her enduring shine.

I like her. I feel her flow.
She holds my attention
At 5 am or in her afternoon sun.
I wish to know her more.
If she grants me that wish.
I’ll behold it close.
For it is quite a gift
Just to feel her glow.
Lunisolar views are rare, gentle, bold and quiet.
Treat them with a loving kiss
You'll be gifted forever with bliss.
H J St May 2018
Finishing off a hot brew @ 5am before jogging to the gym.

Better yet ...
easing awake slowly
breathing in your morning dew
tracing your curves slumbering
between soft white cotton layers
spurred by your dreamy smile
as your cheek slumbers
atop goose-down clouds,
shifting closer
warm fingers search
cold toes tangle
backs arch
hips align
quiet eyes
to slowly awaken
our quiet space,
lips speak
of softness
cool whispers
warm currents
as nerves tingle
and shift atop
our navel's view
as we fall deep
into our fold.
time flips
as we slide
to sip
our hot brew
for 2.

As our morning roasted scent
glistens in the sun
we skip and stumble
through the day
sipping its treats
its gifts of torrents
and waves of time
to taste your full body shine.

Your whole body blooms
as you smile bright
your petals expand
eyes swoon.
As your smile widens
lifting you off the ground
tendrils shiver
fingers flicker
slivers of light
reveal what’s found.

Our touch tightens
as we enter the night
a moonbeam smiles
winds drift blue
skipping into slumber,
your tired eyes float
smiles relax
your body slows
knowing it’s comfort
exploring our intimate space,
its unknown intensity
a deep hue blue
of letting go
and holding on.

Waiting for her ... to cross my path ... to feel her essence ... and share this perfect day ... with me.

The question was:  Describe a perfect day.
H J St Apr 2018
Finishing off a hot brew @ 5am before jogging to the gym.
Better yet ...
breathing in your morning dew
tracing your curves slumbering
between soft white Pima layers
spurred by your dreamy smile
your fingertips dance
atop goose down clouds
shifting closer
to align our curve
toes tangle the cold
quiet eyes embrace
to awaken our space
seeking new warmth
nerves tingle and shift
aligning our navel's view
and falling in
to our fold.
... and then a hot brew for 2.

Taking in the day’s treats
as we stumble over its gift of time
and your full body shine.

Easing into moonbeam’s slumber
exploring intimate space,
unknown intensity
with a slow ease
of letting go
to move on.

Whew, wait, what was the question?
Sorry, I got lost in there, for our moment.
Thinking of no one in particular
H J St Apr 2018
So far. . .
I am

Seeking a future turn
A new flow to hold
A slow trip to Plum Village
To slow my candle burn
Slowly sip upon your gaze
Gently slip into your fold.

So far . . .

I missed your knock on my door.
Your visit lost but I heard your steps.
Your shine and balance
seems lost and spent.
Stopping by to visit
To share and vent.
You knocked to say
You seek a new dance.
A solid arch above the maple floor.

So far . . .

N still dreams
Still dreams in LaLa Land.
She holds sway her shine.
A shine that melts everyman.
I'm still glad you're here
In this life and for awhile, in this space.
Frankl and Rumi still smile
At your lightness, at your grace
It's time re-enter from afar.
A visit to Cap d'Antibes is near
To taste the stars.

So far
I am
still pursuing my best self
humbling stuff.
H J St Apr 2018
I'm just a guy...

You've seen my photos.

Checked my age.

Read my profile.

Laughed at my views.


Where does he go?

Where does he stay?

Can he go the mile?

Can he say anything new?

Well, humility sitting at my side.

Does my outside match my inside?

Do they align?

Do they lie?

Does it answer: 'Will he reply?'
Online dating can be so flat.
H J St Sep 2017
Just checking in to see how ya been.
I hope your day has been kind.
I hope you're able to unwind.

Please bother me
As you wish
I'll be @ your door
To gift you a kiss
And stay to adore.
H J St Sep 2017
.... my original poems

Written to feel
Shared to heal
Hidden to affect
Revealed to connect
Words meet and moan
Posted to be known

Written by children's glow
sweetening my heart past flow
a river gifting air bubbles
....attracted to salt water
turned my blood brackish
....a stream dammed
soured a family apart.
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