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Melancholy of Innocence
Planet Earth    Philo-poetic fable of love. Its our journey into self-discovery about true meaning of love. Poems of LOVE for Z Facebook: melancholy.innocence Twitter: melanofinnocent Instagram: melanofinnocent
Thomas W Case
53/M/Iowa City    I'm a poet, living in Iowa, I have published two collections of poetry and countless individual poems in anthologies around the world. check me out ...
Evan Stephens
40/M/Dublin in my mind   
Agender/in a coffin    and you're gonna hate me when it's over
39/F/A Dream    Creative writer, dreamer, make-believer...INFJ...I started a poetry blog, and since then poems seem to come out of a place so real yet imaginary. Let's please ...
Preston Burt
16/M/Your mind    Let my words mean whatever, you need them too. I write for myself, which writes for others.
Dull    Null Null Null! Go back to sleep...
never wanted love, just a fancy car.
F/cloud of feelings    hopeful romantic
18/Non-binary/Between Earth and Hell    I pop a pomegranate seed, the flesh grows red, it trickles, I lap it up.
Veritia Venandi
F    A parenthesis in eternity,trying to extend the realms of existence every passing moment through the language of words...! Peace be with you all! :)
Kashish Lahrani
Autumn Noelle
28/F/Florida    Doing my best at dreaming.
Susy Kamber Ekphrastic Poetry Explores Art Copyright - Susy KamberAll rights reserved Published -
18/F/I'm here, and CA    My poetry is my eulogy.
Rosmary Penn
Somewhere    yes it's just a pen name
Megan H
24/F/Texas    Life, with its rules, its obligations, and its freedoms, is like a sonnet: You're given the form, but you have to write the sonnet yourself. ...
19/F/Mumbai, India    Namaste! I'm here to read, write and most importantly learn. Just want to put thousands of my thoughts and emotions into words. Carpe diem! ;)
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