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Guray Gunay Apr 2022
when i perish
                        when the soil on top of me blossom
                             shall you smile and cherish
                               for i will not be lonesome
                              with the boatman i will sail
                                 in our tongues a rhythm

                           no poems or no laments be sang,
                                     for all those who were
                                 the bells of doom have rang

                          no poems or no laments be sang,
                                     i will not be in sorrow
                                     for once i have sprang.
Guray Gunay Nov 2021
Your hands on mine, still
Hold them tight as you will.
As sweet as summer rain,
As sharp as winter’s chill
Your compassion is my sole bane.

All the mighty seas
We may cross over
Shall not get in the way
And moreover,
There we’ll find inner peace.
We’ll find the cure
For a pain that should never ease.
We’ll be free
As fire is pure.
Guray Gunay Oct 2021
What is the meaning of this?
What were the first words Adam has cried?

Are we the center of all this?
But the stars shall survive a billion life times after man has perished.

Does he really love us?
Then why was Khayyam furious!?

So we have free will?
Then why don’t I feel like I’m in control?

Do we really matter?
But we are as fragile as a feather?

Why are we always in such a hurry?
Time has walls that are invulnarable and steady.
Guray Gunay Oct 2021
Is it okay that I want to die?
Is it okay that the mere reason of my existence is to feel pain?
Is it okay that the stone cold bricks make me feel home now?
Is it okay that I don’t want to go on?
Is it okay that I wish I were never born?
Is it okay that I want to be embraced by that hard thick rope?
Will it be as soft as your hands or your cheek?

I feel it closing upon me now.
I see it squeezing me out of my blanket.
I know it wants to come still,
All the walls I call home strike on me.
I understand that my becoming was based on pain yet again.

I saw it leaning down on me.
Its shadow fell upon me.
I liked the sun.
But it didn’t go away, no.
At least I know how it feels though.
But no.
It wasn’t as soft as your hands nor your cheek.
Guray Gunay Dec 2020
no worries i have of death
but knowing that i’ll have to
spend an eternity
without ever feeling your touch again
Guray Gunay Sep 2020
Home doesn’t have a room, a kitchen and warm blankets,
It has lungs, livers and a heart.
Guray Gunay Jul 2020
do i need more than a couple words
to tell you I’m f** desperate
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