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gup Feb 2018
I need to rest. I
haven't slept in days. My bags
have bags. Let me die.
wakey wakey eggs and get up you sack of trash its time to exist
gup May 2017
Really, if you think
about it, everyone is
dead. Just not quite yet.
wow i'm deep
gup May 2017
You know what I hate?
Somebody cutting you off
from finishing your
art limitations are neato
gup May 2017
I was once asked, "Hey,
wanna do some coke?" "No." Drank
my Pepsi with pride.
drugs are bad unless theyre good drugs in which case theyre good
gup May 2017
I fly like a chick-
-en. Not only am I scared
sick, but I can't fly.
tbh this is a serious one about how i feel almost daily, but i didn't mean for it to be that way.
gup Apr 2017
If I were a ****
member, I would joust other
members with our hats.
get it cuz they pointy lol epic meme
gup Apr 2017
Welcome to Judgement!
We'll start with your web histor-
-y. ...Are you hiding?
God has evolved to our technological age boys
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