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Guen Sy Sep 2016
your grip tightens as he respires in your ear now but 3 weeks later youd find your hands clasped to your phone drunk texting him at 3am
Guen Sy Sep 2016
i create sparks with my thumb
thatll light you up
its a slow burn
but then I continue
as i inhale from your tip,
& start to consume u
in between my lips
i will finish u
like my favorite cigarette

- red
Guen Sy Sep 2016
you make art come out my mouth
as i read your work
and i choke to some
as if its me twas written for
now my tongue is sour craving for more
Guen Sy Sep 2016
you love how your sun rises bright
though she always sets by noon
i promise to be by your side
like the persistence of the moon

but let me know if her brightness stings
if its past dawn and u couldnt sleep
let my waning light meet ur skin
take shelter in my muted dim

let my downy embrace envelope
your every lesion
cautiously i will stroke
every region
she must have missed

but who can blame her
no one is ever surprised about this
you can leave anyone in distrait
with that wicked smile on your face

now as we are on the verge of daybreak
shes rises back as a ravishing view
always as beautiful as our eyes can take
so who can blame you?
Guen Sy Jul 2016
move down to my legs & adjust
your hands around my hips
******* sweet dreams of us
and make use of those fingertips
Guen Sy Jun 2016
i almost believed
if i waited long enough
my turn will come
i almost believed
i was wrong looking at others
while you slept with some
i almost believed
space was all you needed
til I turned  & checked
and distance was all thats left
- and so did you
Guen Sy Jun 2016
I knew the second you caught me smile to my shoulder when you bring me in as you cup your hand on my neck.
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