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4d · 1.3k
If I could
If I could
I'd take your smile
put it away until times weren't kind
I'd add it to the wink you left behind
That would carry me through most anything.

If I could
I'd preserve your kiss
Keep it safe until times of loneliness
Reminds me distance keeps you from me
I'd open the lid and let the touch
Carry me to you
Sep 19 · 40
grumpy thumb Sep 19
A mandolin hangs on the wall
sunburst and walnut hinting through dust
unstrung to prevent warping
unstrummed for so long without song.

A temporary perch at first
then time stole its heart lonely without touch
now she gives it the slightest look, dispelling texture and notes
once ment so much.

Though her fingers flicker memories twitch of warm body beneath fretted strings and the race of such
along a neck smooth enough to kiss.

What caused the separation,
the disengagement,
the lack of intimacy?
A musician's instrument
tender as a lover.
Did they fall out of love with one another,
and if so
why hang the reminder above an evening's flaming hearth?
Sep 2 · 51
Such is life
grumpy thumb Sep 2
Butterscotch bruises are those water stains on a white ceiling.
Fighting the bleach at every dab and swab.
Days pass since the cause was fixed, but still they mar and taunt.
A few more days, then try again, then paint over regardless.  
Another of life's little irritants,
little annoyances grinding away.
Then there's the ants, don't get me started,
the temperamental heater, the obnoxious neighbour, the bills, the muscle spasm that never fully goes, the arguments, the hang nail, the rudeness of strangers, the frozen screen, the word slip, the stupid what's app messages,
the struggle to write a verse.
The list goes on and on and will long after we're gone.
Aug 22 · 58
grumpy thumb Aug 22
Dew beads on web tendrils
too soft to stir the spider
too unobtrusive to cause grass tips bother
Early dew
soft and silent
like tears hidden from a sleeping lover.
An exhale of morning's breath
in condensation
its swell captured
Droplets form
in the midst of dawn's sorrow
for the departed night
Jul 14 · 52
A ring on a chain
grumpy thumb Jul 14
She wears a ring on a chain
around her neck,
never hides it away
or acknowledges it.
A plain silver ring
aged and smoothed by time
though the chains have changed
once in a while.
Sometimes when she reads
or when deep thoughts distract
her fingertips gently caress.
It's her's, this ring she does posses
and of it's secret
I'll often wonder,
but always respect.
In all of these years
I've never asked.
I think a part of her
is grateful for that
Jun 24 · 66
Bee harvest
grumpy thumb Jun 24
Bees reaping purple clover
oblivious to lovers
harvesting moments
in the breath of summer
on a roll of grassy hillside
not far from the roadside
where travellers pass
as they gather miles per hour
ignorant in their hast
of tiny petal towers
herding insects
to the flower
grumpy thumb Jun 15
Passing by those
owners of sad lost eyes
like Rubin's faceless
slumping on kerb ridges 
body bridges
between pavements and
shuttered shop cages
where the cast of a streetlamp gets swallowed up
by dime bag shadows,
30 to 1 outsiders
and washed up wannabe beatniks
too wild for Kerouac pages.
I'm sure there's a beauty somewhere there
below the crust of the surface
late in the a.m. between
stiletto heels clip and echo
and the strike and flare
of cigaretted fingers
if I only dared
to thread and seek out
where a different twist of choice nearly led.
Thomas W Case Tom Waits vibe challenge.
This was fun
grumpy thumb Jun 14
Petals wilt
wither desert dry
stem stalks snap and topple
crumble to dust
they lie.
But do not decay.
When graveside flowers die
their essence transcend
to heavens high
a bounty floral bouquet
with love
for those who past away.
At least I'd like to hope
May 22 · 378
Love in nature
grumpy thumb May 22
The tree's now fleshed out
with leaves
shushing the wind's passion,
                                      'be with me'
moaning sighs to its lover
sway and stretch of torso and limbs
heart pulses
vibrating root deep
May 18 · 301
Before the kids saw
grumpy thumb May 18
Cat spat out a baby bird
deader than a drunk's promised word
broken from the maw
only a little blood, no more.  
Could've cried a little
as I scooped it up from the door
into a dandoline dust pan
before the kids saw.
The cat did what cats do
I wasn't angry with it as it pawed
my ankle expectantly seeking a reward
May 14 · 230
Feather dreams
grumpy thumb May 14
Away to the wind's
stream and whim
traverse, breath light,
upon wings unseen
to wander worlds
and times gone by
gay as silvery moonbeams
and summer sun's rays
May 14 · 63
May love
grumpy thumb May 14
May love find you
for it's blind to those who seek it.
May love's binding
free those from searching for it.
May love's breath
welcome you in its embrace
May love be loved
for its own grace.
May 9 · 979
Get up
grumpy thumb May 9
Crows caw and cackle
cracking dawn
shattering the secrets
of early morn,
chirp and whistle
adding voice to the song
nature awakens
by the feathery alarm.
May 6 · 620
Lips' lure
grumpy thumb May 6
Your smile:
the bract
of those petal lips,
there to
the flower of a kiss.
Apr 2 · 95
Dinner time
grumpy thumb Apr 2
Birds call
cascades from distant brough
to those foraging grasses high and
between bramble flowers
where insects' hide,
knowing well the thorns to avoid
long before berries bulge and ripe.
Gather they fresh thistledown
for nest's reline
then silence fledglings' shrill
bugs and grubs
and stale breadcrumbs
Treasures from a garden of mine.
Feb 21 · 166
Watching pennies fall
grumpy thumb Feb 21
To see you cast down those eyes

pennies sinking in a well

searching for hope's desired wish
or forlorn in regret

as they fell.
Jan 24 · 98
Troubling rubble
grumpy thumb Jan 24
Tumbled down rubble
pushed then mounted
into the truck's buckets,
driven through sodden mud
and away from centuries of familiar standing,
do memories join your journey,
shadows of past existence and echoes of sweat,
of worry?
The bones of a building
shell shallow and crusted
without soul.
Watched an old familiar building in its final stages of demolition. Been standing for 100+ years, but alas no more. Never been inside, never will know if the progress will be better than what was there except through my eyes' memory
Jan 13 · 84
Cat on the window sill
grumpy thumb Jan 13
Like snowflakes
the lace
mesh of net
curtain drapes
the window
that admitted your entrance.
You and the wind
to fan flames of a smokey fire,
giving tongues to the chimney troath.
There you now sit
gossamer and pane
wondering how it's shut
against elements raw
puzzling the porthole with paw
through which you wish to explore
to chase whisked leaves
and shadows fleet.
The window opens no more.
Dec 2019 · 390
Rain's tattoo
grumpy thumb Dec 2019
The rain will be down for a while
I tip my cap to its honesty
for it does not lie.
Shielded from its slanting
leaning broody under pine
collar turned to a different time
when honesty counted for something
and life didn't press so urgently.
Bruised leaves, a few remain,
to play drum skin to the rain's tattoo
This and its scent
dance me back to you
and the sorrowlust of longing
dulled by time.
Dec 2019 · 134
Never known
grumpy thumb Dec 2019
Never known an oak to grumble about politics
or a cloud question its faith
never known a worm worried about its looks
or a hedgehog do an early morning walk of shame
never known a pebble craving attention
or a flower seeking revenge
never known a puddle to scream in anger
or a star seeking another to blame
Oct 2019 · 95
you again
grumpy thumb Oct 2019
The memory came as sure as night’s silence
between the hours
when sane people sleep
and the flush of dawn was yet to be considered.
Fleeting memory on the peripherals
the distinctive recall like a snuffed candle’s scent when no candle can be seen.
For what purpose does it still serve?
The sharp ache of it has long since faded
to a dull throb,
and then only when you try to clutch it
and face it.
scrutinize it once again.  
The memory mellows with a faint aftertaste of oak aged whiskey from a tumbler long dry in the depths of advancing echoes
from its footsteps
from its footsteps
from its footsteps
Oct 2019 · 104
The itch
grumpy thumb Oct 2019
Cast her head back
she's got a neck for kissing
through nicotine fog and neon high
when the drinks are flowing.
can spend a time there
enjoying and forgetting.
Just a spot needing scratching.
It's lacking affection
lost to notions of devotion.

Stepping sober in the land of the living when the tinsel of a night has settled
the taxi off loads you
to a chilly morning kerb.
There awaits a hollow echo of the hallway
when the door latch slots home.
cool bed catches your fall.
No arms, nobody, no 'good mornings' with a kiss
nobody missed
Sep 2019 · 163
Summer's end
grumpy thumb Sep 2019
The turn of summer's end
already caused  ailing leaf's stems
to tremble and quiver
one last hand, one last trailing touch before a final
release on high wind,
the leaves descend
transcend in their death
back to the earth which gave birth
a bittersweet rejoice
as colours and ribs fade to dust
and return to soil
to feed the tree nutrients for life.
Aug 2019 · 515
Black daisy chains
grumpy thumb Aug 2019
Black daisy chains
lighter than a shadow
loop my lover's neck
like promised kisses for tomorrow
and if kisses were years
I hope mine never weighs you down
Aug 2019 · 92
Keeping in step
grumpy thumb Aug 2019
The brittle voice of your footsteps on grass
under heavy winds drag
would have went amiss,
but I listened for this
as assurance
our pace still kept in step
crossing the blanket of green
between the trail
of one conversation's lull
and the delicate start
of the next.
Jul 2019 · 69
Time's a fox
grumpy thumb Jul 2019
Time's a fox
your a rooster in a coop
Untill it gets to you
do what you **** a doodle doo.
Love's a bird
your among seeds scattered all around maybe it'll gobble you down
or you'll sink alone into the ground
Joy's a whale
you're a barnacle trying to hitch a ride
got to wait for the turning tide
got to hope for the right side
Jul 2019 · 326
Paper bridges
grumpy thumb Jul 2019
A world away
bridged by a page
only as strong
as the weakest ink
Jun 2019 · 103
Like a Kiss interupted
grumpy thumb Jun 2019
What do we do when the shadow's pressing against our hope
or dragon tails whip our thoughts into a frenzy
when we struggle to walk a straight line
on paths that twist and contort?
How do we ignore the vices and voices
that mock and entice us
or lights that would blind us
from the sight of the righteous?
How do we utter our words to a lover
when doubt trips us to stutter
knowing we should speak better
but the truth is smothered to a mutter
like a snuffed candle's last splutter
or spittle from a kiss interrupted?
May 2019 · 99
Sun, tar and frisby
grumpy thumb May 2019
As kids we'd play
beneath a summer sun
that turned
the pitch
between slabs of laid concrete
on minor suburban roads
into soft globs
malleable enough
to scoop out and
use as makeshift glue
to adhere icepop sticks
end to end
in triangles and squares.
These we'd toss to one another
in absence of Frisby or paint *** lids.
There were less cars those days
and none complained
to a bedraggled clump of kids
***** ***** but up to innocent clean mischievous play.
Digging up parts of the road we'd all eventually leave by.
May 2019 · 171
Bearly fluttering
grumpy thumb May 2019
The restful breath of her slumber
bearly fluttering
above a whisper
accompanying the elevation and swoop
of her serene body
in steady rhythmical harmony
is something
I just had to write about
Apr 2019 · 875
Cherry blossom
grumpy thumb Apr 2019
Cherry blossom petals
rippling down the pavement
in a tailwind
trailing with them
a memory of your dress
in a light breeze the satin pressed
against your contours
as intimate as the sea caressing the shore
I sail back to you
when time's current allows me to
when the call of blossom's fall
greets my eyes like an old friend.
grumpy thumb Apr 2019
Wander my thoughts to a mountain stream
so crisp and pure its whisperings
are prayers
and dappled flecks of light
glisten the ripples to glinting eyes
blinking bright.
gazing down
my wandering
floats me upon a travelling
leaf fleeing its tree
to experience life at sea
and I with my bond of fantasy
steer the vessel through tributaries union and confluence widening
into river's run
traversing bends and rapid rush
then lull before the gaping swell
of oceans welcoming gulp.
and swallowed
my wandering cast me free
while the leaf continues out to sea
on wave and surf's gallop
to return to watery core
where mermaids dream of dry land's shore.
There the Queen of them all
found a treasure so pure
a small leaf forever in a her crown she wore.
Apr 2019 · 245
Night Watch
grumpy thumb Apr 2019
The crest of the evening swells full in noticeable silence
drawing deeply the last breath of daylight.
It's nearing time for silhouettes to play
and the yawn of night to stretch and keep watch.
Apr 2019 · 312
Her side of the bed
grumpy thumb Apr 2019
Her side of the bed's
warm as a hug
she just left for work
closing the door like a book
I'll later pick up
and lose myself in
in the pages of her return.
For our lives are written
one little word at a time,
line by line,
chapter after chapter.
Mar 2019 · 129
As certain as sure
grumpy thumb Mar 2019
Beneath the overhang of tension
we hesitate,
for words to settle,
be withdrawn,
or apologies offered.
Curses spoken in haste provoke an impulsive, immediate reaction,
an equal cutting response.
We've lived and suffered the consequences before.
Allowed actions as instinctive as lust to run raw.
And we've been subjected to it's prideful display.
Guilty as a drunk's song waking dogs in the wee hours
and as certain as sure
we were right
all along.
Feb 2019 · 524
A timble of breath
grumpy thumb Feb 2019
A timble of breath
spills with her "yes"
eyes respond honestly
edged with a trickle of nervousness
as her fingers trace
contours of flesh
along forearm and bicep then leap to cup
nape of neck
and lure tentative steps between distance of our lips. And lids close out the rest
as the kiss inhales a timble of my breath
Feb 2019 · 182
Somethings don't change
grumpy thumb Feb 2019
Her smile kinda skipped across the room
ricocheted off glinting lights shooting him straight in the gut,
winding him something awful.
He stood to mosey on over to her
but his confidence shattered.
Sinking back down in a slump before others bore witnessed,
a sigh released
speaking what he couldn't,
"she still got to him."
Feb 2019 · 155
She gathers dreams
grumpy thumb Feb 2019
She gathers up the lost dreams
the old and the broken
the dying and the stolen
neglected and fogotten
then carefully carries them
in a spider spun satchel
takes them to her home in the meadow
where she carefully mends them
till they're strong enough to fly on wings of hope eternal
back to those that most need them.
The ones that have no one
to return to,
return to
live in the wishtree by her garden
and when it's time
they help guide her
to dreams newly lost and broken.
Jan 2019 · 941
Lonely star
grumpy thumb Jan 2019
Stars prickle the darkness
counterpoints to measure its vastness
they steal eyes and gift wonderment  
allow birth of dream and scientific torment
they witness and receive wishes,
they exist yet
many are no longer in existence
the closest is only seen in its loneliness
yearning to shed the veil of blue
Jan 2019 · 137
Hidden in tall grass
grumpy thumb Jan 2019
Was the lover you took
worth the hurt
you inflicted
on the one
you left?
How long did
that part of your heart
set flight before the door last slamed?
Was the goodbye coiled
to strike like a hidden snake
waiting to be poked the wrong way?
Or were the fangs always on display
as honest
and as bitter as the bite
Jan 2019 · 137
Night spy
grumpy thumb Jan 2019
A sneaky cheek of moon peeks
through a keyhole cut in the clouds
Kitten curious
I peep back
through the torn veil of night's shroud
Dec 2018 · 439
grumpy thumb Dec 2018
she sits
cigarette lit
drinking down
a bottle or two.
I sit
sipping upon my view.
Close night
shared eyes
candle light
bodies abide
what they do.
Dec 2018 · 155
This return
grumpy thumb Dec 2018
Stayed on a late one
'till I hit the last stop
weary as a hound dog
in the cut eye of dawn,
watched the gutters overflowing
gunk blocked drains
gurgling watery remains
onto sidewalks
wishing bitter pills of thought
got swallowed by the rain.
Stumbling footfall
steps drip and drop
progress slow as an enfant's crawl
aware of colours straining
to shed night's shroud.
Bed's as far away as yesterday
in some aphotic realm,
waiting to take this return
and bury it in the deep hole of sleep
Nov 2018 · 143
Lost and found
grumpy thumb Nov 2018
I'm getting forgetful of late and keep losing things
Just the other day I lost something precious,
if anybody finds it
please you let me know.
I seem to have misplaced my trust.
Nov 2018 · 376
Broken wings
grumpy thumb Nov 2018
Neons red in rain drops
bleeding down the window
a prayer for the ones
deserving more than they got.
Knew one,
a little buttercup,
parchment pale skin
and the bluest eyes
never caught a break
like a pigeon
with a low hanging
on the ground it trails
left to peck in the gutters
with all the others
but the others
can always fly away.
Oct 2018 · 1.5k
Lost morning
grumpy thumb Oct 2018
Smudge of light
dim on pavement
made damp by drizzle.
Morning haze softening colours,
smoothing harshness
to pastels unobtrusive,
Extending the awakening dawn
void of witness to the rising sun.
Muted chorus of lark and blackbird
sensing the absence,
Oct 2018 · 373
Not giving in
grumpy thumb Oct 2018
Walls too high,
too thick
can't dig under it.
doors cemented up,
I can't change that.
Standing outside
on cold ground;
gravel's too rugged
to lay down,
shadows cast
a losing lot.
All I got's
a dwindling spark,
here I am
riveted to the spot.
Stand I or be cripled.
One of us will crumble,
but my will
will not.
grumpy thumb Sep 2018
When you be busy getting
to where you want to be going
don't be neglecting
the path you're now roaming
or before you know
it your now will be stolen,
other paths will go unknown,
other mysteries will never be shown,
other yous will never be grown.
And when you arrive you could be regretting
what's the good things you have now
when you get to where you be going.
Sep 2018 · 1.9k
She sleeps
grumpy thumb Sep 2018
She sleeps
I'm outside under the eaves sheltering little from the rain
smoking late into the a.m. wide awake,
coffee for company and her scent
clinging to my skin.
There's isolated bouts of traffic  
late night revellers
there to witness between
lamplight neons,
but I'm cocooned away
restless in the washes of rain
thinking of one in slumber within
the walls on which I lean
grumpy thumb Sep 2018
No one's gonna come

looking for you under a rock

don't have
such luck
                       wishful waiting won't pick
                you up
for someone to love
you give them something to love
        if you always hide away
                     no one will know what you got
Think it's time to shake
this place

                           paint yourself
fill up the space
might go against
      every ounce
of your self worth
                   if what your worth
               is worth it

                                     GIVE IT
a chance.

           Blind them all.
I've tried to self promote but it's not what I do. Don't feel comfortable though I guess I have too....
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