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Jan 29 · 44
Douglas Jan 29
Is it loss if you never knew you lost it?

What if you never had it; maybe a glimpse, nothing long term; can you still lose it?

When you find out you lost something you never had; it changes you, to be a better one, for yours!

Good bye Dad I wish I knew what I lost!
July, 31, 2019
Sep 2019 · 264
Douglas Sep 2019
demonstrates love

is precious to behold

experiences the scenery

is building one another up

is generating peace within

as extensions of you
Sep 2019 · 211
Douglas Sep 2019
Life is Hard
...until it’s Easy

Dating is Hard
...until it’s Easy

Connection is Hard
...until it’s Easy

Love is Hard
...until it’s Easy
Sep 2019 · 38
Douglas Sep 2019
I know the hurt
All the pain
I see the pieces
I love them all

I see the Shiny
The attention seeking
Wonderful woman
With desire to be loved

You choose your reality
The building up of each other
The drying of tears
With loving heart

You want the fairy-tale love
The connection
Healing souls
Full of hope
Aug 2019 · 176
We Will
Douglas Aug 2019
We will
Reside on the pedestal together

We will
Reach for the sky

We will
Love eternally

We will
Believe in Love

We will
Be convinced

We will
Inspired by Lori
Aug 2019 · 40
I will....
Douglas Aug 2019
I will
Be on the pedestal with you
Place the tiara

I will
Enjoy the eclipse
Continue to fall

I will
Want you Mind, Body and Soul
know you are enough

I will
Show you the truth
Begin here and now

I will
convince you are exactly what I have been waiting for; desire and need

I will
Give my trust
Prove with actions

I will
Earn your trust
Make you my reality
Douglas Aug 2019
I see your….
Broken pieces
Silent strength
Controlled restraint
Guarded emotion

I feel your….
Needed acceptance
Wanted emotion
Desires of your heart
Connection of souls

I am your….
Love to mend your pieces
Trust in your soul
Rock for emotion
Desire to calm the lust

I will…
Earn your trust…
Walk the talk…
Love unconditionally
Cherish always

— The End —