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12h · 29
Note 153:
oh ****,
i am so terribly in love with you.
**** no
ah ****
A "poem" every day
12h · 34
Note 152:
No inspiration,
A "poem" every day.
2d · 59
Note 151:
2d · 44
Note 150:
"Where are you?" I asked.
"Existing between stanzas." You simply replied.
I never asked what it meant,
And I still think about it 'til today.
But I never thought to look it up,
Because little do I know,
You never wanted me to.
A "poem" every day.

This one is for you, kind stranger.
It's not pubished yet,
It's still being written.
It'll be published anonymous,
By me.
And it's about you.
And me.
Yup. I know.
It's really messed up.
I've written an entire book about you.
And all the ******* things I feel.
The worst part is,
That you don't even know.
No one knows it's about you,
Or that I'm writing it,
And that maybe It'll be published someday.
But until then,
I'll keep writing my book.
And let the poetry fill the once blank pages,
With you, and all my in-love words.
So I've kinda written a book. A poetry book. It's gonna be called: "All the things I wanted to tell you but never did." And it's exactly what the title is. Maybe I'll post a part of it later. I've written a lot of thoughts, poems and stuff. for every "thing" that I've written, there will be a new page. It's just a collection of "poety," all directed to the same person. The idea is to publish it anonimously, and not get any money for it. I'll put the links to my *anonymous* social meda and stuff. My Hellopoetry, Tumblr etc. It'll be hella emotional and personal. It'll be full of love confessions and depressed things I think daily. Idk how to explain, but hopefully it makes sense. If you have an idea, opinion or anything else, just comment or message me. ily all m=so much <3
3d · 192
Note 149:
The world is such a dark place,
Even if you tried, you couldn't make it brighter.
So accept the fact that all that's left,
Is a pack of cigarettes and a yellow lighter.
A "poem" every day.
4d · 429
Note 148:
Jesus was an emo
A "poem" every day
7d · 201
Note 147:
My girlfriend is comming over tomorrow.
We'll have a barbeque with my family and some friends. The day after we'll go to an amusement park with everyone. It's one of the most fun weekends of the year. <3
A "poem" every day.
7d · 74
Note 146:
Woosh woosh
The floor is gone
I love remodeling
A "poem" every day.
Aug 13 · 143
Note 145:
Did you ever jump into a very deep lake or pool, you swim up, and you didn't have any air left a few inches below the surface? That's what depression feels like. Every day, with everything you do. You are so far down in the water that getting up for air is not an option anymore. It's easier to just swim down. Forever.
A "poem" every day.

I'm not saying that this is all depression is. It's so much more, so much more complex than this. It's so different for everyone you can't explain even if you have a million words. This is what depression feels like for me. I'm alive and here, and so incredibly grateful for everyone around me. (and the people on HelloPoetry to) Whatever you feel is okay and valid. If you want to talk, feel free to message me if you want. Remember that y'all are amazing and that I love you so much.
Aug 12 · 60
Note 144:
Why are we still here?
Just to paint others hair?
Idk sorry my inspiration is gone
A "poem" every day
Aug 11 · 137
Note 143:
I made a Queen/Freddie joke at dinner with my family today

They didn't understand

A "poem" every day.
Aug 10 · 64
Note 142:
I was a sinner
And made you my saint

Out of breath and so in love
It surprised me you didn't faint

Your body on top of mine
While outside it rained

For those few delicious, blissfull minutes
All our pain was drained.
A "poem" every day.

(Baby ignore the tags hehe I love u to the moon and back)
Aug 9 · 98
Note 141:
I can't think of a poem to post today so here's a vine compilation because we're emo here.
A "poem" every day
Aug 9 · 73
Note 140:
Paris was kinda fun
Going home tomorrow.
Can't really post an actual poem right now, but they'll be back soon.
Love you :)) <3
A "poem" every day.
Aug 9 · 148
Note 139:
139 days already
What the f
Thank you guys
A "poem" every day
Aug 9 · 120
Note 138:
The wifi didn't work again.
The poems I missed will be posted soon
A "poem" every day.
Aug 5 · 472
Note 137:
On my way
On my way
On my waaaaayyyy
8 hours in a car and I'm tired
Good morning
A "poem" every day.
Aug 4 · 53
Note 136:
I went paragliding again today.
It was fun.
A "poem" every day.
Aug 3 · 154
Note 135:

Sorry for that
A "poem" every day.
Aug 2 · 79
Note 134:
I'm going to Paris in a few days,
Definetly going to Quartier Latin and then of course steal the mona Lisa and start a revolution
Let's get the barricade boys
Don't trust the baguette
A "poem" every day.
Aug 1 · 116
I am extremely in love with you,
And I don't want to be,
I'm not supposed to be,
But I am
This one is for u hehehe
Aug 1 · 76
Note 134:
I just listened to;
6 broadway shows,
2× When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
And I read a whole book (Harry Potter 6)
I'm not ok
A "poem" every day
Aug 1 · 200
Note 133:
I am the only person
That can not notice
When my best friend comments:
"We're in that town too"
Anyways I met her on our holiday
It was funny
A "poem" every day.
Aug 1 · 41
Note 132:
Sorry, the notes are a little bit behind,
I didn't have wifi.
You'll get the 2 extra today.
A "poem" every day.
Jul 29 · 93
Note 131:
Knock knock.
Who's there?
You know.
You know who?

And this, my people, is how James Potter died
A "poem" every day.
Jul 28 · 44
Note 130:
My father and I made a new card game;
It's called "*******"
I love my family
A "poem" every day.
Jul 27 · 108
Note 129:
There's literally a broadway/musical song for every emotion you can possibly feel and I'm really grateful for that.
???   : )
A "poem" every day.
Jul 26 · 142
Note 128:
So uh yeah,
Idk what to post.
Have a great day/night/whatever
Love you
A "poem" every day
Jul 24 · 194
Note 127:
You're amazing,
You're appreciated,
You're loved,
And you're valid.
A "poem" every day.
Jul 23 · 115
Note 126:
The past month,
I noticed something.
Everything makes me so tired.
I don't post poems anymore,
I don't write anymore.
Can't think of new stories to write,
All the colour is gone.
Things are made up at the spot,
Too worthless to deny.
I'm trying to control it.
The world is silently passing by.
A "poem" every day
Jul 22 · 67
Note 125:
So I'm on a vacation for 3 weeks so my poems will be quick scribbles.
Thanks for understanding :)
Love you ( as a friend )
A "poem" every day.
Jul 21 · 67
Note 124:
-            Even
    .     Is
a                  poem
A "poem" every day
Jul 20 · 159
Note 123:
.       Quiet
                      -s           Quiet

Quiet ~
A "poem" every day
Jul 19 · 171
Note 122:
I got braces today.
Yay! :(
A "poem" every day
Jul 17 · 134
Note 121:

Good Evening
A "poem" every day.
Jul 16 · 215
Note 120:
Today is going to be a good day,

A "poem" every day
Jul 15 · 80
Note 119:
I don't want to write anymore
A "poem" every day
Jul 14 · 166
Note 118:

A   N X     I E           T               Y
A "poem" every day.
To all my active followers:
Thank you so much for being here,
And just existing in general.
If you're an active follower of mine,
I'll recognise your username,
And/or your profile icon.
It makes me happy to see you liked a poem,
Or commented something funny, or comforting.
It makes me happy to realise, and think about the fact that there are people out there, god knows where, that enjoy reading my writings.
And that there are people out there, god knows who, that will always listen if there's something off.
I love you all, and please, please take good care of yourselves.
Bye :) <3
Thank you
Jul 12 · 97
Note 117:
To all the people reading this,
To all the ones who cared.
Thank you for being who you are up here,
Your words will be shared.
A "poem" every day.

I want to meet you people so badly, You are so fricking sweet. You're all precious lil beans and I love you. Take care y'all
Jul 11 · 225
Note 116:
There are so many kids dying of cancer,
And I'm here dragging a blade through my skin.
Life is so unfair,
Why can't I just die instead of them?
A "poem" every day.
Jul 10 · 646
Note 115:
The overwelming wave of sadness when the last person you were able to text goes offline at 3AM and you're alone in your bed just thinking about what comes next.

A "poem" every day.

I'm becomming sadder every day, and it starts to cost more and more. I'm tired of existing, of living like this.
Jul 9 · 224
Note 114:
I just thought of a good quote to post
But I forgot what it was.
A "poem" every day.
Jul 8 · 274
Note 113:
God I hate being busy
A "poem" every day.
Jul 8 · 60
Note 112:
Jul 6 · 75
Note 111:
I love you
Is the lie told
Most frequently
Of all the others
A "poem" every day.
Jul 5 · 168
Note 110:
If it involves you, pasta or sunsets count me in.
A "poem" every day.
Jul 5 · 58
I'm stuck in this
State of mind.
This dark room.
With nothing left
But cigarettes
And a lighter
I'm trying my best.
I really am
I don't want to exist.
Feeling good,
Doesn't make my futute brighter
We're all addicted to something that takes the pain away.
Jul 4 · 108
Note 109:
Everything hits different at night
A "poem" every day.
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