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Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
24/M/South Africa    Writer | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case. ...
Matthew M Lydon
Philadelphia    a dude struggling to write with pen in a world gone flat-screen digital.
32/M/Ontario    D. A. Juneau
Joshua Haines
26/M/Father, Husband, Writer    Wear a mask.
Mikalyn Clare
tennessee    still searching... but who isn't? ---
I will be as I will be. All of my work is copyrighted, and sole intellectual property. Please credit if you share it. "You own ...
Seth Connor Jackson
New Jersey    I am a 24 year old guy just out on his own adventuring this big and beautiful world. I'm from a small town in New ...
England    twitter @ellietate_ instagram @ellietate_ tumblr
22/F/Lost    "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple." Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums
Thisis A Pseudonym
25/M/Johannesburg    Somewhere between a role model and a cautionary tale. This is where I empty the bar of my bottled emotions. This is where I grow ...
Tim Knight
22/F/Purgatory    Just a meat suit
Dallas    i like to write poetry when i feel like it and i am not as deep as my poems are so don't be scared to ...
Germany    Just passing through
Selena Brianna
Living a life of unexpected smiles and weird laughs. I don't know where life will take me, but I hope I don't fall off the ...

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