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The chambers of my heart
Turned to Eden and Shangri-la
The utopia of Arcadia
As these echos become
The mantra and the hymn
Of the throbbing pulse
Of my blood
And every cell racing through me
Hums along
*I Love You
 Jun 2016 Gretl Feeson
Stefi Yu
There you are, just minding your own business.
Looking through the different comic books neatly placed in the corner of our favorite bookstore.
You pick one up and I see a faint smile painted over your lips.
Hay, what a sight.
You look engrossed by the Warcraft comic book you found.
It was as if you were in another dimension.

Admiring and just looking at you in a distance, I am engulfed by a weird feeling.
Weird - since it was a new one but at the same time familiar.
It was a recognition of something I missed feeling;
Something I thought I convinced myself I would no longer feel;
It was happiness.

I swear, I can just look at you like this for hours.
I wouldn't mind the days and nights passing by.
But seeing how perfect you are just scanning over the pages of the book you found, I couldn't resist taking a picture - the only thing I can ever do to preserve the moment.

God, you are beautiful.
It's early in the morning
Rays of sunday light seep through the windows
And the white walls look celestial
When they're being kissed by the sun
He's asleep on your bed and he's facing you
You count the seconds until his blue eyes
Snap open and meet yours
The man who would never stand still
Looks peaceful, resting at your side
You tentatively reach out
Your fingers ghost over his eyelids
Over his cheekbones, over his throat
Never quite touching, but close enough to know
That what you see is not a hallucination
But your new reality
And a couple hours from now
A hot cup of coffee between your tired hands
You'll settle next to him on the couch
You'll feel the warm weight
Of a cat resting on your legs
You'll pretend not to notice when someone's head
Falls on your shoulder
You'll pretend not to care
When he presses a feather like kiss on your hair
Whispers 'good morning' against your neck
And you'll pretend that the shivers
Are from the cold morning breeze
But the pink shade that slowly takes over your skin
Betrays your careless fa├žade, and he smiles
You've always been good at telling lies from truth
And there's nothing false about the way
He touches you when you say it's okay
And you know this is not a dream
Because your dreams have always been haunted
Yet there are no ghosts here
Nothing but a safety you didn't think you'd achieve
A sober kind of happiness you didn't believe
Would ever become your life
And yet
It did get better.
Sad  to  hear  of  the  passing
of  Muhammad  ALI.

One  of  the  greatest  boxer's
of  our  time.

Henry  Cooper  knocked  him
down  once.
But  he  was  saved  by  the  bell.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
It's  raining.
What  a  lovely  morning
after  all  that  sun.
The  Mallard  ducks  are  out.
I  can  breathe  again..
It  became  too  warm.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
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