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What if,
your life is a dream
try it harder,
you can stop it stream.
Drop by drop
water falls of tap
breaking the silence.
How lonely
it could be.
With other one
you'll know
you belong with the right one.
greeshma Mar 15
The road was laid

from very long time

Trees did blossom

covering all branches

Lake was full

cuddling with fish

Sun, visitor at light

moon played all night

Starlings came by to sing

while rabbits stayed along

Rain was there to nourish

from season to season

A dip of paint

and the brush went on.
greeshma Mar 15
Oh ! it broke the thread
lone was set the ride.
Nothing to keep on side
balloon has to move ahead.

Wandering high sky,
group of birds it found.
Apart from things as fly
there was nothing to bound.

Then it met the clouds
think is all they do.
Cried a lot aloud
its time for to say adieu !

Raindrops started falling down
tried them to follow along.
Settling forever on the lawn
carried its journey, as it doesn't belong.

With stone weigh heart
found a tree, full of life.
A long distance apart
rested balloon, with simple sigh.
greeshma Mar 15
Wreckage of ship
underneath blue
with one legged pirates
no one to disturb

Pearls and gold
a treasure to behold
speaking parrot aside
only one to guard

Darkest part of shallow
they reside
an eye to catch,
is what they desire.
greeshma Mar 14
A pleasant sea,calm
Rocks around,without losing its charm
Brighten sun has come to bed of warm
Shedding worries, causing no one a harm.

There comes a sudden disaster,
Without manners, snatching his laughter
Sound asleep he was,just after
Announcing furiously,he's the master.

For first time I saw him
Still the world became, when he took him
Statue like I stand, with a chest full of scream
A ferocious sea behind, will no one ever dream.

A shadow in black, with red eyes
Smile on his face, when everyone cries
Come's on a red horse, then he flies
Fulfills his purpose, when everyone dies.

Full of hatred for crashing my world
Crushing my plans with nothing spared
Staring the window the thing he made
Waiting for when next to see his shade.

In thoughts, in dreams, in sleep and wake
He's the only thing that I would bake
Waiting and waiting, is all I could make
Changed me inside with nothing to take.

On a stage that I discovered
Love is in disguise is the hatred
Finally realized his eyes were discolored
Last time he comes is all I cared.

Forgiveness I can't, but he's the solution
Fire as he seems, also the creation
Bitter he's to taste,better for salvation
For timeless waiting, can say without hesitation.

Mixed those feelings, hard to resist
Minutes to seconds, only pain persist
Curse or a blessing that I exist ?
Can't handle more, so I insist.

You are the truth finally I face
You are the one that I'm with chase
Came as a terror, but that's your pace
Day will come, when I will be in your maze.
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