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ronnie hunt Jan 24
my therapist says I'm doing really well and when she says it, she makes eye contact and her posture is relaxed and I didn't even mention her tone yet but think of your mother when you've been heartbroken for the first time if you're the kind that has been heartbroken and if your mother is a soft one but mine is and I am and she was like that, her tone was that of my mother when I was heartbroken for the first time and it leaves me feeling like this is okay and I can handle it so let me know if you need her number
ronnie hunt Jan 24
you were as a kid that day and the one after and then again and after that too and I'm not sure what was in your OJ that first morning, the tuesday morning, that you shrank 10 pants sizes and threw out your books to make room for bright things but I wish I'd had apple juice in my fridge that day
ronnie hunt Jan 24
When I'm no longer twenty in two days I will be twenty-one and that's really all I have to say about the matter.
ronnie hunt Jan 24
moving that morning felt easy
my lifeline was long and thick
my head was normal size and not thick
the cats were in good spirits the art on the wall was patient but not expecting anything
I'm not expecting anything
I woke up and I was not expecting anything
ronnie hunt Jan 24
this blue light has grey shadows
you're blue with grey

climbing down and settling with the pebbles and shards of bone

I take the paper from the walls and make stars
ronnie hunt Jan 24
I'm 12 and I've been reading for 352 days straight and I have no interest in the people around me and why should I?
I'm 14 in this one and my sheets have polka dots on them and my pillow is Avril Lavigne's face and I'm thinking about the girl at school with pink hair and slow penmanship.
When I'm 16 you are 15 and holding my hand and I'm asking about french homework and trying not to focus on the movement of your thumb around mine which is not friendship.
This time I'm 21 and your thick bones outline mine and I like this small feeling.
I spent a lot of time growing up wondering about my ****** orientation and struggling to find a box I could fit and move and wiggle in at the same time as being terrified of other people and completely fascinated at the thought of not being.
ronnie hunt Jan 24
If the grass could talk it'd probably ask me to get off of it and if the trees could talk they'd probably cry for their brothers and sisters chopped down and if the dirt could talk it'd probably ask for a light, it's dark underneath us
if the sky could talk it'd probably lose its voice anyways from cussing out the truck drivers and factory workers
if the buildings could talk I wonder if they'd get along
if my walls could talk it probably wouldn't change anything and
if I could talk I'd probably have something to say to you.
What an incredible power to be able to **** the sound out of everything around you and turn it into noise.
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