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1.4k · Sep 2015
5 senses and paint
green therapy Sep 2015
colors vibrantly moving
across the aged rugged walls
glorious template of the rainbow
dripping to the core of two ****** souls
watching all the magnificent shades
slowly soaking the brick
splashing off our bodies
as our skin collides
what a vividness of visual apperance
bright reds, greens, orange
the smell of sacchariferous
impassioned multicolored hydrangeas
sound of hearts
beating ontop of eachother
like a thunder rolling
in the open vacant feilds
colors flying everywhere now
different shades
swiftly streaming through the air
tasting the luscious hues
on the tip of my tongue
like a forbidden fruit
parading along every inch of your skin
a cosmic explosion of the rainbow
as it rains down tremendous
blues greens and purples
until it all settles to the floor
seaping into the ground
to be washed away with the rain
but the memory for the two lovers
would always remain.
green therapy Sep 2015
it had been almost 6 months since they began talking.
she had never been so nervous before in her life.
as he going to like her?
was he going to be Mr. right?

is it a trap?
was she going to feel the same way once they met?
was he?
or would she live to regret?

she waits all morning
for a message or a call.
falls asleep in longing anticipation.
staring at the wall.

then her phone rings.
she shoots up out of bed
but didnt get to the phone in time.
she goes into panic.
Anixious to meet a love so sublime.

then she sees a text message.
"im at the stop i think"
from a half hour prior.
her eyes wide open now
unable to even blink.

and then another comes through.
"i tried calling, i dont know where im going".
she panics. she doesnt hesitate.
all her emotions flowing.

she jumps out of bed,
no make-up, hairs a mess.
but all she wants is to be in his arms
so at this point she could care less.

she grabs a key to the door
of the little apartment in the woods
she had rented for them,
everything she had waited for
she was about to comend.

almost tripping as she rushes out the door to meet him.
meet him...what a thought that was.
she was about to meet him.
the man inwhich  she fell in love.

what a crazy concept. is it even possible
to love someone before actually meeting them in person?
now the moment has grown so near
the butterflies worsen.

as she jogs down the dirt road to meet her love,
she doesnt even notice the nip in the air as she did before.
as her heart fills up with more anxiety
shes getting winded to her core.

she wants to sprint to him
but cant run anymore.
the journey down this old dirt road
seems so much longer than it did before

she slows to a walk
as she rounds the corner to the main road.
shaking at every inch.
ready to implode.

she looks towards the bus stop
and doesnt see him. had he left?
panic now consumed her.
a heavy feeling in her chest.

then, she spotted a tall dark haired man
wondering in the paths across the street.
she tried to shout his name at the back of his head.
but couldnt make a peep.

he doesnt turn around.
is it not him?
had she made him wait too long?
now even more panic sets in.

she shouts again as she gets closer.
this time noise came out.
she still doesnt get a reaction as if he doesnt hear her.
her body freezes with doubt.

then he turns. her heart grew so big, swelling
with a feeling like hot lava was just going to erupt from her chest
like the hottest volcano
as she realizes it is indeed the one she desired.
anxiety rests.

every muscle in her body gets tight
as she fights back an intense urge to scream
and cry tears of joy all at the same time.
this was her dream.

she couldnt believe this
was actually happening, after so long.
she wanted to run to him,
an instant feeling like she belonged.

noticing a similar look on his face as well.
that look of accomplishment.
they had done it. over came worlds to see eachother.
now they could be content.

to truly meet for the first time.
each covering ground quickley
they finally are within reach.
just wanting to touch him simply.

not knowing whether to hug him first
or kiss those lips seemingly doing them both simultaneously.
she couldnt believe she had hopped a plane
to meet her love so spontaneously.

the first touch.
as they stood on the side of that country road.
"oh my god you're really here" the only words she could mutter.
viens full of love flowed.

they held eachothers hands so tightly walking down that dirt road
that suddenly didnt seem so long.
it could have gone on forever now as long as she had him.
feeling so right, it couldn't be wrong.

hugging and holding hands the entire way
they managed to make it to the apartment.
without a thought it was an instant feeling of comfort.
of belonging. like he would always keep her safe
he was so charming.

he had her heart
just on aura alone.
they fell into bed him climbing over her,
she began to moan.

his tall body encompassing hers.
his soft lips taking away any doubt
that resided deep within this softend soul.
she knew it was real now.

she knew everything she thought she felt
was in no way a facade.
something that felt so invigorating
could never be flawed.

her pants came off, as did his.
butterflies as their bodies are serene.
as her clamor turned quickly
from a moan to a scream.

something they had both thought of many times,
in person, before their eyes.
the trembling through her body
reaching all new highs.

as they made love, her walls crumbled
more with each ******.
knowing it was a feeling of true emotion.
so more than just luscious lust.

now full of exhaust
and in need of breath
they set out on a walking trek
in search of cigarettes.

unable to keep their hands off of
eachother all the way.
after an unsuccessful jouney
and keeping wild creatures at bay.

the warmth of the apartment
once again tickles her skin.
rolling around in eachothers arms for hours
sunlight rolling in.

not getting any sleep.
continuously catching one staring at the other
with such gazement.
the fact that they could actually caress eachother
like they have each desired for so long.
simply amazement.

this is what she had literally been dreaming of.
this moment. this was love.
undoubtedly full blown
uncontrollable love, in which he could have all of.

it was undeniably stronger
than she had ever felt in her life previously.
she woke, feeling him stare. and him to her.
not wanting to miss a moment of this extreme intimacy.

walking back to the bus stop,
as they talked about meeting back up later that week.
she really did think she had found
the amazing man she did seek.

hugging him the whole way to the train,
not wanting it to be over,
milking it as long as she could.
her lucky star, her four leaf clover.

he was running late now,
with a quick kiss he was off.
her eyes begin to swell.
she watches him leave in such a rush.

then turning her head fighting the tears
rushing into the pockets of her green eyes.
the anticipation of their next meet
now begins to rise.

she would have held him tighter.
should have loved him harder.
not just a caustic rhyme.
she would have kissed him longer
if she knew that would be the last time.
1.4k · Sep 2015
why do you love me
green therapy Sep 2015
why do you love me
is it because im the only one you have to love
why do you love me
is it even real love
why do you love me
if what we have is real
why do you love me
you need to show me how you feel
why do you love me
my heart is in a knot
why do u love me
ive never been so distraught
why do you love me
i need to know
why do you love me
is this ever going to go
why do you love me
where i always hoped
why do you love me
or has your love been revoked
why do you love me
1.1k · Oct 2015
We always come back
green therapy Oct 2015
not talking to you
is like torture
but then we speak
and im more sure
that sudden
sense of relief
my worries, my mind
at peace
if even for a moment
its worth it
in that moment
it feels perfect
even though we both know
i love you
all we do is smile
as i say "i hate you"
1.0k · Nov 2015
he doesn't see
green therapy Nov 2015
he doesnt see
what it does to me
he doesn't see my face
he doesn't realize
when he takes his space
he loses time he cant replace.
he doesn't see
how its torture
he doesn't see i'm sad
he doesn't see
that i become less sure
every time hes uselessly mad.
1.0k · Oct 2015
green therapy Oct 2015
ignore me again
because that solves the issue
play pretend
all that makes me do is hate you
thirteen days
what a ******* joke
did you even want me to come
or have you misspoke
saying i ignore you
when its so plain to see
i should have really ignored you
so you know what its like to be me.
961 · Oct 2015
A piece of me is missing
green therapy Oct 2015
im too sensitive of a person
i love too much
i crash too hard
i believe in people
to a fault
when i love you
you get every ounce of me
until u throw it away
and leave me in shreds
on the floor
ripping apart
every piece of me
that made me
care about life.
One day ill get put
back together
but like torn paper
ill never be the same with tape
and i will have lost a shred
i miss you.
A piece of me is missing.
not having you
i will never be whole
just a crumpled
hole filled
page of lifes notebook.
935 · Mar 2016
green therapy Mar 2016
my first memory
i was 2 years old
i remember my moms screams
as she was thrown
he should have known better
he was a man full grown
that was my first hint
its safer to be alone

then i was 5 years old
my mother liked to drink
and it took its hold
before any of us could blink
it couldnt be controlled
scars written in ink
another story told

then i was 8 years old
that past few years were rough
mother had gone cold
i covered her wrists in the bed
hoping the paramedics got there
before she was dead
it was as if
time had froze

then i was 10 years old
sick of the beatings
i had to leave that household
got on a plane
flew to see my dad
hoping this time
it wouldnt be so bad

then i was 13 years old
dads always working
trying to pay for our home
i was staying out late
streets free to roam
experimenting with life
innocence gone

then i was 15 years old
nothing is bulletproof
fighting all the time
nolonger under daddys roof
house hopping from here to there
i knew everything
no worries, not a care

then i was 18 years old
got back in school
i knew first hand
life could be cruel
got custody of the boyfriends kids
didnt want to make the same mistakes
my parents did

then i was 23 years old
i took vows
my future was told
next two years
had two babies of my own
cherish every moment
i get to watch them grow

then i was 26 years old
i fell in love with you
we broke the mold
had to leave him
because it just wasnt fair
i wasnt supposed to fall
i wasnt supposed to care

soon ill be 30 years old
i hope youre still there
right by my side
i hope one day
you'll make me your bride
i hope my feelings
i'll never have to hide
a bond so strong
nothing can divide

one day, we'll be 60 years old
by then the girls are grown
and they'll have babys of their own
its scary when a future
is so unknown
will you be there with me
or will i be alone
rock by rock
we can builld our home
build our story
like a wall of cobblestone
932 · Nov 2015
If He Saw The Way She Cried
green therapy Nov 2015
maybe if he saw
the way she cried
he'd know how
she really felt inside
he never answered
a piece of her died
he told her he loved her
maybe he lied
or maybe he didnt
know what love was
cuz you dont do this
to someone you love
857 · Feb 2016
your words are just words
green therapy Feb 2016
all of the things
being around you cured
in the end i guess
your words are just words
giving false hope
and something to work towards
hanging from a rope
cuz your words are just words
now everything around me
feels so blurred
and  again as you flee
i see your words are just words
we were supposed to build a future
a life now obscured
the more i sit back and reflect, its so absurd
your words were never more than just words
787 · Jan 2016
hide in a bottle
green therapy Jan 2016
there's a girl
in her room
crying out
to the moon
and all she knows
is only he knows

if the doubt
will ever subside
tears drain down
from her green eyes
will their love
ever be whole again

you hide
hide inside
your own world
i'll hide
i'll hide inside
this bottle

fill this void
that's left
because you left  
i'm so **** hollow
ive cried
ive died
i wallow

you hide
hide inside
your own world
i'll hide
this bottle

we've spied
we've lied
now you're running out of fear
time ticks by
what are we doing here

there's a voice
in her head
screaming words
she never said
will he ever
know just how she feels
it's deep inside
she'll never let him
see her cry
even though
she knows
the pain is real

you hide
hide inside
your own world
i'll hide
i'll hide inside
this bottle

there's a girl
in her room
crying out
to the moon
and all she knows
is only he knows

you hide
hide inside
your own world
i'll hide
this bottle

i'll hide
this bottle
739 · Nov 2015
losing game
green therapy Nov 2015
burns like a flame
in her brain
driving her insane
a love she cant tame
quivers every time she hears his name
straight for his heart shell aim
all the things they overcame
he said hed ask her to take his name
but she wonders if he really wants her the same
or if shes playing a losing game
green therapy Oct 2015
nervous, jittery, excitable, flustered, trembling,
happy, content, jubilant, advantageous, welcoming,
in love, impassioned, enamored, fond, intoxicating,
defensive, opposing, resistive, guarded, interrupting,
upset, degrade, resentful, frustrating, controverting,
heartbroken, sorrowful, dismal, despairing, languishing,
alone, deserted, unattatched, forsaken, breaking.
646 · Sep 2015
Always...and forever
green therapy Sep 2015
Through all **** we've been through,
Through everything we've done.
I will always be there for you,
I will always be your number one.
I'll never leave your side,
You'll always be in my heart.
I'll try to never hurt you,my love,
I know we'll never part.
I look at you my baby,
I still can't believe you’re mine.
I think about you endlessly,
I think about you all the time.
I trust in you completely,
And I want you to remember,
I love you so sweetly,
Always...and forever.
644 · Mar 2016
There was a time...
green therapy Mar 2016
there was a time
when my heart was more than
just a cold
vestigial *****
a time i thought you were different
and then
i was drug
through the mud again
a time when there wasn't
so much contemplation
when i wanted to spend my life
lost in our conversations
entwining our minds
until the days end
the days i felt
like you were still my boyfriend

we had something special
molded it like clay
grew from a seed
and our leaves did sway
now like my blue jeans
the ends start to fray
here is your chance
to tell me to stay
are you even gonna notice
if i walk away

there was a time when i felt
like i didn't need to crawl
before the time i felt like
you didn't care at all
there was a time i thought
we had it all figured out
now late at night the silence
screams out too loud
i feel my insides turning to stone
as i ponder if i fell in love alone

we had something special
molded it like clay
grew from a seed
and our leaves did sway
now like my blue jeans
the ends start to fray
here is your chance
to tell me to stay
are you even gonna notice
if i walk away
639 · Jan 2017
just me and my whiskey
green therapy Jan 2017
sitting on the porch tonight
drinking in the pale moonlight
wishing i could stop the fight
hoping one day we might
fix this
i miss this
i miss us
i wish you were here kissing me
instead its just me and my whiskey

sitting on the porch tonight
drinking till night turns to light
contemplating wrong and right
hoping one day we might
fix this
i miss this
i miss us
i wish you were here kissing me
instead its just me and my whiskey
631 · Oct 2015
sempiternal crusade
green therapy Oct 2015
they got in a fight
moods flare in the night
the reason for the tiff unsolved
she wishes it would just be absolved

such a sempiternal crusade
his real reason never conveyed
she knows its going nowhere by the look in his eye
hold back the need to cry

thats when she put her hands up
and he heard her say
"we didnt solve anything yesterday
maybe we will today
if not  
then tomorrow will do
ill always try because i love you"

another day another fight
she can never be right
tempers high from so much passion
he runs and hides in his usual fashion

thats when she put her hands up
and he heard her say
"we didnt solve anything yesterday
maybe we will today
if not
then tomorrow will do
ill always try because i love you"

wearing tired the next fight, she falls to the floor
"i just dont know if i can hope any more"
"you beat me down, you wear me thin,
how many fights has it been"

he gets a look in his eye
she begins to cry
where she once had hope, he now sees its gone
"how much longer can this go on"

thats when she put her hands up
and he heard her say
"we didnt solve anything yesterday
your not even willing to try today
if not today
tomorrow just wont do
just remember,i tried, and i always loved you"
594 · Jan 2016
Our love
green therapy Jan 2016
Our love is pernicious,
and at the same time divine,
My hands hold too much time,
and I've got you on my mind,
Our love is serendipitous,
and at the same time can be unkind,
I've got you on my mind,
and one day we'll be aligned,
Our love is boisterous,
and at the same time enshrined,
One day we'll be aligned,
and as lovers we'll entwine,
Our love is vivacious,
it's all of these things combined,
It's good, it's bad, it's ambrosial,
and I know we'll be just fine
574 · Dec 2015
green therapy Dec 2015
he said it was love
maybe it was lust
maybe he got lost
in my *** and my bust
maybe he just liked the feeling
of filling a warm hole
maybe it was the fact
that i gave him complete control
maybe i was always
going to be sad
maybe he liked that i gave him
everything i had
maybe one day
ill feel whole again
or maybe this feeling
will never end
572 · Dec 2015
green therapy Dec 2015
had something to tell you
wasnt sure of the right route
started to explain
as your face filled with doubt
my heart pounded faster
as i knew what the look was about
i wanted to tell the truth
but more lies came out
553 · Jan 2016
Love Me
green therapy Jan 2016
you made me love you
i tried to stop
then you walked away
and i felt my heart drop
i tried everything
to make you see
tried to show you i loved you
so that you would love me

so that you would love me
i just wanted you to love me

you said you loved me
but you didnt
i still love you
but i shouldnt
i guess thats all it will ever be
all i wanted
was your time
and all you did
was waste mine
i guess i could never make you see
i just wanted you to love me

so that you would love me
i just wanted you to love me

we were so perfect
but you'd never let that last
couldn't just be happy
always drudging up the past
how could we ever make progress
each time you touched me
deeper id fall
that feeling was truly
something magical
a feeling of success
i just wanted you to love me

so that you would love me
i just wanted you to love me

you said you loved me
but you didnt
i still love you
but i shouldnt
i guess thats all it will ever be
all i wanted
was your time
and all you did
was waste mine
i guess i could never make you see
i just wanted you to love me
so that you would love me
i just wanted you to love me
just tell me that you love me
552 · Jul 2016
love is blind
green therapy Jul 2016
smoke ciggerettes
think of regrets
dwelling on
mistakes and better bets

dont tell a girl you love her
unless you mean it with all your heart
because when she finds out youre lying
youre gonna rip that girl apart

ive grown so cold
my body goes numb
then i think of the things youve done
and suddenly my skin burns hot like the sun

the things you say
cant be taken back
beating my soul
shades of blue and black

yet i run to your arms
the heart just isnt
as strong as the mind

i guess thats why
they say love is blind
maybe one day
you'll truly be mine
544 · Sep 2015
saying goodbye
green therapy Sep 2015
i didnt know
you were going to go
but now that youre gone i never got to say goodbye
i still think of you
i still want to cry
now its as clear as day
i see what you were trying to say
"stay golden pony boy, stay golden"
533 · Oct 2015
i wonder if
green therapy Oct 2015
i wonder if you read my poems
and know that theyre for you
i wonder if you read them
and see what i want you to
i wonder if you read my poems
and they keep you up at night
i wonder if you read them
and you see im a bird in flight
i wonder if you read my poems
and they inspire something new
i wonder if you read them
these words so hard to chew
i wonder if you read my poems
and they make you think
i wonder if you read them
and feel im about to sink
i wonder if you read my poems
and you see things arent as they seem
i wonder if you read my poems
and they make you want to dream.
525 · Oct 2015
tell me why
green therapy Oct 2015
tell me why it cant work
tell me why youre such a ****
tell me why you cant try
tell me why just tell me why
tell me why we cant be
tell me why just answer me
tell me why i have to pry
tell me why just tell me why
tell me why you cant choose
tell me what youve got to lose
tell me why you dont reply
tell me why just tell me why
tell me why we cant be
tell me why you love me
tell me why you still try to deny
tell me why just tell me why
487 · Nov 2015
all the things...
green therapy Nov 2015
all the things
that we've been through
i still dont know if
you want me like i want you
all the things
i've tried to say
i still dont know if
you want me the same way
all the things
i feel in my heart
i still dont know if
your okay with being apart
all of the things
you say, i hear
yet i still dont know
what it is you fear
all the things
you make me feel
and i still dont know if
what you say is real
all the things i try to do
i still dont know if
you want me like i want you
483 · Apr 2016
i miss
green therapy Apr 2016
i miss
the warmth of your body
when the air was crisp
i miss
the spark of electricity
when i kissed your lips
i miss
the grasp of your hand
when we went for walks
i miss lingering on your words
when we had late night talks
i miss
the comfort when we slept
and i backed you into the wall
i miss
the sense of security
when ur hugs made me feel so tall
i miss
in the flesh
i miss
and the way our bodies perfectly mesh
long distance love
482 · Sep 2015
she tries
green therapy Sep 2015
she sits here stiff
from the pain deep inside,
her eyes finally drain
the tears she hasnt cried,
she waits for all
the doubt to subside,
and each moment she waits
more of her dies.
when they are great
her heart sores, it flies.
she thought she had finally
found her prize.
another day passes
she lets out a sigh,
fighting the need
to say goodbye.
every time she builds them up
he breaks the ties,
always finding inventive,
creative new lies.
with every fight
the more she feels despised,
but she loves so much
so still she tries.
shes learned the jealousy
is his love in disguise,
she knows what the fight
really implies.
to his every wish
she complies,
her love for him she decries.
always asking her self
the what's and the why's,
and hoping one day
they'll be able to rise
from the ashes
of this horrible demise.
souly on fate
she now relies.
474 · Jul 2017
green therapy Jul 2017
Im not the same person i was when we fell inlove
You made sure of that
And now that youre gone
I struggle to get me back
What i once thought was forever
Has slipped right through the cracks
Im better off without you
Its time to face the facts
We were going nowhere
You only dragged me down
Its time to make me happy
This smile should never frown
Next time before you break a girls heart
Before you put in your shovel and dig
Before you tell her you love her
You should learn what real love is
You had it
You lost it
Now its your turn to face the facts
To hell with you and whatever you do
Its time to get me back.
460 · Sep 2015
tainted love
green therapy Sep 2015
it all started
with a capturing dream
i knew then i wanted u
on my team
it was then
i sensed a gleam
a shimmer of light
onto the things not yet seen
then we moved onto love
began to feen
ripping eachother
out of those jeans
a constant high
better than caffeine
i thought what we had
was evergreen
never ending
so it would seem
then we slipped
to the opposite extreme
now u seem
to have such disesteem
weve been tainted by the lies
what was once perfect now unclean
i wish i could have saved myself
from these things unseen
430 · Apr 2016
come see me
green therapy Apr 2016
i knew i loved you
when home went from a place
to a person
and as time goes on
my homesickness
it worsens
i find your stubbornness
a blurred reversion
you should want it
embrace it
without needing coercion
you should be okay
with me
lifting the burden
it shouldnt matter
why or how
as long as youre with that person
416 · Dec 2015
needed time
green therapy Dec 2015
you just told me
you needed time
not sure i can stop crying
enough to rhyme
you are meant for me
and i for you
take your time
if thats what u have to do
if i can help you make
your decision in any way
tell me what to do
babe i just want you to stay
409 · Apr 2016
you like
green therapy Apr 2016
you like to keep me at the edge of my seat
until my muscles grow sore
and my body grows weak
then you'll tell me to stand once again
this up and down game
when will it end
you like to toy with me like a cat with a string
until my heart grows cold
and all i have left is my brain
then you bounce that string some more
until this cat is spinning
then numb on the floor
you like me to never know whats going on
until my curiosity explodes
and gets sick of being a pawn
until this pawn upgrades to a rook or a knight
then decides to stop
fighting the same fight
404 · Oct 2015
green therapy Oct 2015
what do you do
when it goes from sad to *******
when you start a fight
so close to takeoff
its like its in
your genetic make up
you wait for things to be good
then cant help but shake it up
ill be there in 12 days
youll have to let it go
you know with every fight
the darker my heart grows
itll soon be time
for you to step up and show
if this is all worth it
or if this volcano's about to blow
403 · Mar 2016
green therapy Mar 2016
i need to sleep tonight
i just cant seem to
i need to turn my brain off
and stop thinking of you
its already 2am
wide awake
pondering over
both of our mistakes
its hard to say whose are worse
my quick stabs
or your constant hurt
i know ill think of you all day tomorrow
so can i just stop for the night
broken hearts and broken promises
dont fade like shadows
in the absence of light
402 · Jan 2016
green therapy Jan 2016
sitting here
not knowing what to do
falling into music
that reminds me of you
each lyric a cut
deep in my soul
each song a reminder
ill never be whole
each happy note reminds me
we'll never be the same
each sorrowful line
searching to place blame
i wish i could sleep
curled in my bed
but the weary blues echos
deep in my head
401 · Jan 2016
our jungle
green therapy Jan 2016
im so sick of this fight
these battles
the constant struggle

i sit and wait for the light
fighting the urge
to rebudle

trying to do whats right
i just dig holes
wheres my shovel

body fills with fright
my priorities
i must juggle

like a ghost my face turns white
my tears
they form a puddle

i sit and ponder late at night
how to breakthrough
your industrial bubble

taking a "break" is not alright
its so hard
to stay humble

but i will fight
with all my might
to forage through our jungle
399 · Oct 2015
16 days
green therapy Oct 2015
6 months since if touched you
16 days until i hold you again
384 hours until i taste your lips again
23040 minutes until i hear your voice again
1382400 seconds until these 6 months feels worth it
395 · Jun 2017
i want you to try
green therapy Jun 2017
"i don't know what else to tell you" he said
now those words are ringing in her head
memories flashing in her face
feelings that she cant replace
she turned away as she began to cry
inside she was screaming
i want you to try
i want you to tell me not to go
i want you to love me
and i want everyone else to know
i want to be what makes you smile
i know things have been looking blue for awhile
but i want you to know ill fix every crack
we can be happy
theres no turning back
ill heal every ache inside
i want to hear you say it
baby i'll try.
she let him leave
was this really the end
she told him she wouldn't let him do this again
she could never just be his friend
she had it all typed in
she just couldnt hit send
she watched him leave
shes screaming inside
she should have told him
i want you to try
i want you to tell me not to go
i want you to love me
and i want everyone else to know
i want to be what makes you smile
i know things have been looking blue for awhile
but i want you to know ill fix every crack
we can be happy
theres no turning back
ill heal every ache inside
i want to hear you say it
baby i'll try.
381 · Dec 2016
A Christmas Wish
green therapy Dec 2016
Santa sees a young woman crying
He said "whats your Christmas wish?"
She looked back up with tears in her eyes,
"There's only one thing on my list."
Old Saint Nick grew curious.
He said "What can i do?"
She replied "All i want this holiday,
is to have back my love so true."
This tickled Santas' heart
as Christmas came so near.
He said "Most kids want trains and games."
She said "I just want him this year."
Jolly old Saint Nick asked
"Not a plane or a house or a bike?"
She cried "No! All i want is him,
Today and the rest of my life."
Santa Claus got a tear in his eye,
"Wouldn't you just like a toy?"
She whimpered through the tears exclaiming
"There's no point without that boy."
Now Old Saint Nick didn't know what to do.
He started rummaging through his sack.
He pulled out a twinkling star
He said "Just wish on that,
and if it was ever really true love,
he will find his way and come back."
So now that's what she does late at night.
She wishes every day.
Before she drifts off to sleep, she says
"Ik houd van je mijn leifje."
374 · Oct 2015
10 days
green therapy Oct 2015
crumbling, darkness,
looking into the night,
i wish things could be
out of mind
when they're out of sight.
sitting, waiting,
patience runs thin.
hiding, running,
never getting an answer from him.
falling, dying,
so confused, what does he want?
heart is crying,
looming questions taunt.
crashing, decaying,
a love that was real.
never know what hes saying,
never know how to feel.
374 · Dec 2015
balloon pop
green therapy Dec 2015
trying to reason with you
is like trying to blow up a balloon
with a giant hole in it
and no ******* duct tape.
369 · Oct 2015
Fish bowl
green therapy Oct 2015
the hour was late
and the moment was right
i fell in love
as you played your guitar tonight
the words of the song
never rang so real
as i hummed along
to i wish you were here
368 · Mar 2016
u and i
green therapy Mar 2016
i'll smoke
you drink
you fap
i'll think
or try to think
but it doesnt clear my mind
you'll lie
i'll strike back
i'll cry
you'll hide
you're good at that
how can you be so ******* blind
i'll give up
you wont care
i'll leave
u wont notice im not there
i'll be the one
to run and hide this time
364 · Apr 2021
Snow falls
green therapy Apr 2021
Laying here
With your back to mine
Remembering such
A simpler time
Recalling when
We wanted to touch
When being apart
Was just too much
When you looked forward
To seeing me everyday
And the way my heart ached
Every time you were away
Now we lay in silence
Unsure of which way to turn
My brain already knows
What my heart struggles to learn.
348 · Jan 2016
instead i write
green therapy Jan 2016
if you would just talk
i wouldn't just write
you'd know first hand
what i'm thinking tonight
back into hiding you go
so many knew questions
with answers unknown
and motives you'll never show
like a volcano about to blow
and even still my feelings grow
i remember staying up all night
talking with you till the sky was light
and im sitting here hoping you just might
still feel that love in your heart tonight
its not too late to make this right
we can still sore to an all new height
all you have to do is talk to me
but instead i write
348 · Mar 2016
11 o'clock
green therapy Mar 2016
11 o'clock
i was about to go to bed
then you sent a message
******* with my head
not sure what you meant
by the things  you said
so now instead of sleeping
i try decifering you instead
344 · Feb 2016
things will never change
green therapy Feb 2016
things will never change
his famous line
but what he doesnt see
is hes the one freezing time
how can we move forward
if he decides when he'll be around
everytime we are okay
he disappears and we hit the ground
things will never change
i have, you still wont
you do great for a week
... and then you don't
the blame always gets put on me
but step back so you can see
i fixed all my issues
while u still try to flee
341 · Feb 2018
for a second
green therapy Feb 2018
for a second i thought you loved me
before it all came crashing down
when the inner screams built up an explosion
that didnt make a sound
for a second i thought u loved me
then it all became so clear
i was just a game, amusement
something to cling to year after year
for a second i thought u loved me
quickly replaced with doubt
i finally see it for what it was
now i have to see my way out.
for a second i thought you loved me
battered, beaten and scarred
i loved you more than you ever knew
making this end unbearably hard
330 · Mar 2016
green therapy Mar 2016
a year ago today
we kissed for the first time
forever changing my heart
forever engrained in my mind
forever ensuring
around your fingers i'm entwined
you made me want to leave
everything else behind
as each day past
the more we aligned
the more time that passes
the more we are defined
even though at times
we were harsh or unkind
i know ill never give up on you
you took too long to find
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