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 Jan 2017 green therapy
You know;
the feeling when you know that everything's over
but still, it isn't..

And you know it isn't
but you keep reminding yourself that it is
so that you won't look so pathetic
But at the end of the day, still, it isn't..

At least for you, it isn't..

And you know,
Those random nights when you can't sleep,
And in your mind,
its like a movie of
happy and sad and angry moments of your life,
When it's suddenly hits you hard..

Just like;
why such happy moments
make you a saddest girl in the world right now?

And it just hurts,
Because you know,
You know, deeply in your heart..
It isn't over
- April 27, 2016
 Dec 2016 green therapy
What... Is... Love? Love is the ability to feel every last one of those heart wrenching emotions consume and engulf your mind and soul all at once. Love is how your smile reminds me of magic. Love is the way your lips mouth those three little words, the way I crave your touch every night before I go to rest. It's the way I long for you and the way your voice puts me at ease through all of the pain and suffering. Having you is like Heaven on Earth. You could forever put me through Hell and i'll continue to always love you unconditionally. Love is your lingering smell embedded into the fabric of my hoodies, it's catching a whiff of your favorite cologne and reminiscing on when you'd wrap your arms around me. Love is how you hold me when I'm scared, how you'd hold me when I'm weak and feel worthless. You've shown me love like no one else, your love is so exquisite. You've taught me to be strong and to love oh so hard. What is love? This is love.

 Jul 2016 green therapy
I have never stuttered in pen
misspoken in ink
or choked in my writing
the way I do
whenever I speak
my fingertips always know
the right words to say
my tongue is still learning
 Mar 2016 green therapy
Kaleidoscope memories of you
Beautiful if turned one way, and muddled when turned another
But do I want to search for its beauty?
Do I want to search for you?

My fingers graze things you once held, searching for echoes of your finger tips,
My fingers graze my skin hoping to remember how you feel,

If I turn up the volume, will it give me comfort the way your voice used to?
The pause between words have me grasping on to the way I held your silence between my lips,

I remember your words and whispered promises as if they were etched onto my skin,
No longer a blank canvas,
My eternal mark of you,

Bring me closer, let me look you in those dubious eyes,
Let me bring my lips almost to a kiss and ask for another pretty lie.
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