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Laying here
With your back to mine
Remembering such
A simpler time
Recalling when
We wanted to touch
When being apart
Was just too much
When you looked forward
To seeing me everyday
And the way my heart ached
Every time you were away
Now we lay in silence
Unsure of which way to turn
My brain already knows
What my heart struggles to learn.
green therapy Jul 2018
i didnt see it
before it was too late
the real you
the heartbreak
i sleep beside myself
watching each toss and turn
heartbreaks, heartaches
but your kisses i still yearn
The clouds rolled in
Thick tonight
Cried away
The last shred of light
Gripping, clawing
I cant anymore
My lifeless body
Lies numb on the floor
You dont see
What you do to me
How you squander
What we could be
I try and try
Never good enough
What once was forever
Seems a bust
I wanted you
And only you
I wanted you to want me
But you were to stubborn
To see and let it be.
green therapy May 2018
i see it when i look in your eyes
broken dreams in disguise
the truth trickles out
i hear the cries
please just tell me pretty little lies
id rather not know the pain
knowing gives nothing to gain
knowing doesnt make you wise
please just tell me pretty little lies
theres comfort in the great unknown
keep your truth
ill make my own
its easier to believe and fantisize
so please just tell me pretty little lies
sometimes its better to believe
green therapy Apr 2018
one day theyll play it in a song
how he was never ever wrong
he was always there
and always cared
and helped that girl when she was scared
one day theyll say
he was always true
and did everything she needed him to
that he made her smile
helped her get through
but ofcourse we couldnt be talking about you
one day theyll play it in a song
the boy who was never ever wrong.
green therapy Apr 2018
our last ciggerette
lips filled with regret
words shared and evil glares
chances we'll never get
moments lost in time
memories divine
shattered scenes and broken dreams
mountains never climbed
green therapy Feb 2018
for a second i thought you loved me
before it all came crashing down
when the inner screams built up an explosion
that didnt make a sound
for a second i thought u loved me
then it all became so clear
i was just a game, amusement
something to cling to year after year
for a second i thought u loved me
quickly replaced with doubt
i finally see it for what it was
now i have to see my way out.
for a second i thought you loved me
battered, beaten and scarred
i loved you more than you ever knew
making this end unbearably hard
green therapy Jul 2017
Im not the same person i was when we fell inlove
You made sure of that
And now that youre gone
I struggle to get me back
What i once thought was forever
Has slipped right through the cracks
Im better off without you
Its time to face the facts
We were going nowhere
You only dragged me down
Its time to make me happy
This smile should never frown
Next time before you break a girls heart
Before you put in your shovel and dig
Before you tell her you love her
You should learn what real love is
You had it
You lost it
Now its your turn to face the facts
To hell with you and whatever you do
Its time to get me back.
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