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Sofia Mar 2019
Said it's the end that puts one on his feet
Blindfolds and leads him through the mess
Of gentle memories and blood stains
On fingertips of those who know where weakness is
He witnesses the fate throughout the emptiness  

Over a universe of secrets he could keep
He chooses one to carry with him
Sofia Jul 2018
we're on the run
to the unknown
feeling trapped
in our own bodies
with glimpse of hope
we carry on
in search for home
within somebody
Sofia Jul 2018
You. The Judy O'Grady
Who's constantly waiting
For ubiquitous flattery and lust
A cold-blooded lady
Untruly be gaining
The trust of those gullible hearts
My ****** oh Mary,
Let your heartstrings vary
From ruthless and violent ******
The sorrow that's buried
Within you and harried
Someday will ground you into dust
Be wise, my old lady,
The truth may be heavy
And somehow might seem so unjust
The power that's carried
By love so unwearied
To seize and inherit you must
Sofia Jul 2018
Oh, how I **** the minutes before sleeping
These soul-destroying soldiers marching on
Their rhythmic steps - the seconds - leave me weeping
Hopeless for dreams within the echelon

The consequence - their pride, their triumph
Brings me to thoughts abandoned through the day
I close my eyes and try to stop the crying
But memories - their weapons - keep me (a)wake

"My dear, I'm begging you, forgive me
For I am tired of the bitter truth
Please let me rest, defend me from the thinking
Please take the love I've ever given you"

And when the dawn at last has started breaking
The troops have finally retreated then
This newborn day - I know - won't leave me aching
I whisper carefully - "Amen"
Sofia Jul 2018
As a flower thou wither in the absence of light
With no rays and no heed where the agony hides
When the bloom is no longer a forthcoming bright
And the singing is now not a prayer, but cry

In the wisdom and bravery thou reckon the faith
And the spirit takes over misdeeds that were made
As a flower thou wither in the absence of light
Though thy soul is remembered, embodying might


— The End —