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  Sep 27 Grayce Hobart
Sadness. Anxiety. Anger
A flurry of emotions crosses your mind
You brick up a wall
You feint surprise
Your smile is fake
But one day
It will all come crashing down
Water floods
The dam breaks
And your heartthrobs
By the sound of an arrow puncturing the skin
The feeling of your mother's hand losing warmth
The sight of a cat bleeding out on the street
The memory of your dad calling your name
Slowly, one by one they go
Until you're finally left
With the words "I have something to tell you."
Grayce Hobart Sep 17
to look back
at my words
tears open old wounds

but perhaps they have stayed open
because i have stopped tending to them.
  Aug 23 Grayce Hobart
there's the end to every word,
the end to a sentence,
the end of every story,
so it is now,
the end
of us.

Grayce Hobart Aug 22
a kiss doesn't mean anything.
a kiss doesn't mean anything.
a kiss doesn't mean anything.
Grayce Hobart Aug 21
how sad would it be
if two people
meant to be together

never had a chance
because they were too scared
to leave their

jail cells
of relationships.
Grayce Hobart Jul 15
after everything,
there are still little moments
where we are still us

everything is different
but at the core
nothing has changed

and that is the scary part
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