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 Mar 2018 gray rain
Oskar Erikson
i can only forget myself
once i remember
 Mar 2018 gray rain
Oskar Erikson
than being unable to forget

who no longer thinks of
He is two -
Like a vinyl record--
he has an 'A' side
and a 'B' side;
guess which one
I love to listen to,
on repeat,
and over,

He is two -
Like cuttlery--
A knife
and a fork -
one is sharp
and cuts deep,
and one picks me up;
guess which one
I love to spoon?

He is two -
the sun,
and the moon;
and I,
... well,
I was doomed
from the beginning,
just like a shooting star;
guess which one
I fell for?

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
To continuously steal
Someone's tribal sense
Of pride and dignity,

Is the lowest act
Of narcissistic bigotry!

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017
for a decent,
good-hearted person,
is heartachingly,
painstakingly beautiful;
for, even in torment,
underlying beauty
is often found...

Such a brave heart,
to withstand
such emotional destruction -
whilst their internal tears
are left to bounce
off the floor
of this soul's
shaky, unstable ground.

~ Brave Heart

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
If it isn't genuine,
It won't last very long,
Whether it be feelings or a handbag,
If it isn't genuine, it isn't strong!

~Just saying.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
 Nov 2017 gray rain
Oskar Erikson
i saw two lovers on the Underground.
who's entwined arms
held the carriage aloft.
who's secret smiles
lit the tunnel as if the Sun
had broken through the Earth.
and whispers
cut through the brakes
like a knife through my heart.
i did not know such love existed.
i do not know if i am meant to share.

i saw two lovers on the Underground
and it made me question
is my love fair?
They can cut through
Your heart,

They can tear you

They can be as sharp
And as blunt
As any knife,
All in the same instance,

They can cause a major shift
In your reality,
They can torture you
Until the end of time,
They can be responsible
For destroying your very existence.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Torn in two
by politic views
none of them
make sense
they all seek
and they
like to play games
they're  tactics  are gruesome.
they pretend to be pleasing
they are self-seeking
full of promises
to do this and that.
they don't live in reality
they are naïve
its not a competition
its serious stuff
come on politicians
please get a grip
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