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I sit here under a clouded sky,
the winds carry these prayers far and wide.
My Angels burn within this Holy Fire,
and I am everything but alone.
The embers, the glow.
For the first time I am warm when the air is cold.
Time may just have stopped,
and in this moment it may just be me and this fire,
me and all I’ve ever truly needed -
the sense of Spirit running,
pulsing through me.
The mountains, my mothers,
the stars, my hidden fathers.
I want to be no where but here.
The smoke encircling me,
making me clean again.
I hear the voices of my loved ones,
I see my grandmother looking down over me,
smiling at her little girl,
grown into woman,
into someone beautiful.
I hope my father is proud,
and my mother at peace.
I pray for those who are hurting to find something that to them,
feels like this fire does to me.
Something that can heal and nurture even the most wounded parts of their being
and make them feel safe inside their body,
made of both flesh and Spirit.
I smell the sweet cherry tobacco,
the burning Pine and sage.
I am home here.
I am home because I am in prayer,
in understanding with Creation,
again connected to the Holy Spirit
that breathed life into me.
There is contentment in this moment,
where I can find deep gratitude in all my pains of the past,
and where fear has no place inside of me,
or anything surrounding.
The fire speaks to me loudly and it’s mantra is
“It’s okay.
It’s okay, child of the Universe,
I will hold you when you are suffering,
when you are at a loss,
when you do not understand.
And even if you walk away for a long time,
I will burn the same when you return.
I will remember your name,
for it holds my essence,
    you hold my essence,
in your Spirit, in your scars.
I will remember your hands,
for I have marked you with beauty and strength.
Tend to to me,
and you will come so gracefully back to yourself.
You will learn to be soft, precise, fierce.
You will learn to nurture,
to bring warmth and light to everyone in your presence.
You will learn how to turn from ember to flame,
how to turn so graciously to dust and ash.
How to become something from nothing,
and how you need Air and Earth to survive,
and water to keep you calm.”
This path is golden,
but not without pain -
tis why we pray.
This path is the greatest love I have ever known,
tis why we pray.
And in that is everything.
That we never need a reason,
yet everything is a reason.
I can send my voice up as tears of both grief and gratitude flow out of me.
Could there be anything more beautiful?
More true?
I know undying trust
and pain just as absolute.
I know the pain, the shattering pain,
is what made me search, have faith, believe, understand.
Dedicate myself to something profound.
I know love is the true essence,
why these hands only want to give and hold.
Why I will stay up all night by this fire alone as the moon makes her way through the night sky.
And I won’t question a thing.
Not where, not why or how.
Tonight I will relieve myself of the constant tilling and uprooting of every piece of my life and suffering.
I will leave space for the Divine to make itself a home inside of me,
and remind me how absolutely precious I am,
Life is.
I will let my body be the altar tonight,
and not dare doubt
how life could ever be this beautiful.
Danny Wolf Jul 8
I got skin marked with scars,
some told and some unknown,
no longer soft,
kissed by sun, killed by time.
It’s always changing shapes,
for years change is all I’ve known.
So here likes a body I’m learning to recognize as my own.
I got bones collected,
pieced together one by one.
She sang to them by the fire,
and under the Moon, I did run.
I am Earth to the core,
made of dirt, stick and stone.
The ancient running through me,
will my body ever feel like home?
Got eyes they say mesmerize.
Blue, but not like water nor sky.
There are lives that live inside them,
they’ll still be shining when I die.
I got hands that have been burned,
have loved and have been hurt.
Fed the people,
harvested fruit, green and herb.
Have held me up when my legs were weak,
told all the stories I could not speak.
They’ve given everything,
not given as much back to me,
by not fault but my own.
I got a mind that observes,
stays quiet even when it’s screaming on the internal.
Sharp like a whip,
but holds love and compassion like a sweet kiss.
And yes, I’ve got lips,
spoken truth and let fire rip.
Been parted by screams,
been pursed when the world was burning down around me.
I got this body,
the same and nothing like the rest,
and it keeps being put to the test.
You see,
I’m merging body, mind and soul,
trying to find the balance present at birth.
It’s all in the embodiment of Spirit’s story trying to be told.
Told through this skin, these bones,
through scars new and old.
But this soul is quite complex,
like a spider weaving her webs.
So many little pieces
to a puzzle with no end.
This labyrinth of life I walk,
twists, turns and brings me to the dark.
There, I meet the maker,
both my giver and my taker.
My body is what I offer,
the suit that holds this soul.
And I sit here thinking,
do you, too, see the soul you have been given?
Danny Wolf Jul 4
Fire lights the sky,
Please burn my heart tonight.
And Mother Moon, when you rise,
Remind me how darkness still has light.
I’ll fill the voids inside
With voices that feel like home,
I hear it in the wind that reminds me I’m not alone.
These seeds I have sown,
To set out on my own,
Every day that’s coming feels so unknown.
I offer you my surrender,
A path, may you render?
Cause this heart is that has hardened is beginning to feel tender.
The prayers are playing out,
**** that piece of me that ever had a doubt,
The tears are welling up to cleanse me of this ******* drought.
I feel the moving up my chest,
I’m a bird without a nest,
And that leap to fly ain’t easy when you’re being put to the test.
But that undying faith inside of me
Is blazing through all the fears that I’ve let breed.
Burning up what’s buried deep,
Surrendering to all that is greater than me.
Danny Wolf Jun 14
Let your words spill across the voids inside of you.
Leave the pen tucked in the binding as a reminder to come back.
Come back to yourself.
My tears are for me -
for the woman letting a man determine her worth.
For the things I know but I’m not doing.
My tears are mine.
I will walk taller because of you.
For that, I thank you.
You are worthy of my prayers and I will pray for you.
Sometimes to soften you must break.
Your body must slam on the rocks of your hell.
You were given legs to walk through the fire.
If everything you “have” was taken from you,
you would still have yourself.
Until you understand that to be the most beautiful gift,
you will not know peace.
We live with only the promise of breathing and dying.
Be conscious while you’re here.
Do not dare challenge the Universe by questioning your existence.
Danny Wolf Jun 11
I know your heart feals heavy like mine
We’re sinking like anchors
Be at the bottom in no time
Cut the rope with me
Let’s set ourselves free
Like sailors on the ocean
With no place to be
Let’s float together over waves
And watch them crash on distant shores
I am mine to save
And you, my dear, are yours
Danny Wolf May 30
It froze me cold in the thick of night,
The demons taking hold.
Feeling myself falling into this hole.
I can no longer taste the mornings of waking before sunrise
and praying that I please be better today than the day before.
More pain is encircling me now,
I’m chasing my own tail trying to get back to myself.
The walls are caving in and my breath is shortening.
Why don’t you remember what it means to stand in your truth?
I’m calling out to you.
My heart is breaking for the broken,
And I’m fragile still from the shattering of death.
I can not hold the broken glass.
The shards are ripping me at the seams.
I’m bleeding, can’t you see?
Can’t you see how this is tearing into me?
I smell that demon on your breath,
Clouding up your head,
And the exhales are slowly suffocating me.
I thought I could handle them,
But they seem to be slipping into my bloodstream.
The fears of you alone
Carving knives into your soul,
I swear it shakes me to the bone.
So I toss aside myself,
Thinking I can just pick her up later.
But as your cup runs empty,
So does mine,
And I have to pull the energy to nurture from dangerously deep inside,
From my own place that I hide.
Where no one is supposed to go.
You haven’t seen the tears.
You haven’t heard the weeping.
But I promise you they’re there,
Ravaging and reaping.
This was never supposed to hurt.
Danny Wolf May 15
Don’t forget how much you love the alone time
And those early mornings
Don’t forget yourself
And the independence you stand for
Claim your own heart
Make offerings to your own temple
Raise yourself to the highest
Don’t forget you are a woman
You have a duty to uphold
And devotion to give
to the higher and yourself
Don’t forget your worth
How absolutely precious you are
Don’t forget what you have to give
But more importantly don’t forget what you deserve
Don’t let yourself become a sieve
Slipping through
Don’t forget about the feather you carry that’s wrapped in red
And the prayers you’ve offered
Don’t forget the belly laughs
The careless nights
The faces that make you smile
Don’t forget dancing to the heavens
And the glow of the full moon
Don’t forget to howl often
Make love
Find yourself
Don’t forget the feeling of rain on your skin
Or the way the fire burns inside you
Don’t forget the words of your Elders
The prayer tied in red
To go back for yourself
Don’t forget to do it for you
And no one else
Don’t forget the sound of your grandmothers voices
Or their laughter
Or the feeling of their hugs
Don’t forget to tell your parents you love them
Don’t forget to tell your parents you love them
Don’t forget what you want in life
And that you have what it takes
And to be brave
Don’t forget to speak up
For what you want
What you need
For the voiceless
And the pains they’re enduring
Don’t forget your cycles
The way you wax and wane
Not unlike the moon
Don’t forget your are she
The one that keeps the fire
And dances, runs with the wolves
Don’t forget the stories
The lips that passed them down
Your ancestors
The next seven generations
The songs you’ve heard
Don’t forget the medicine
How it’s healed you
Brought you to your knees
Strengthened you
Don’t forget all the beauty life has brought you
And all the pain
Don’t forget to be grateful
Even on your hardest days
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