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Grant Horst Sep 2016
Motorbiking in Paris through the small windy streets
Nearly getting hit with a bike near the prostitutes in Amsterdam
Getting ditched and running across Berlin at 6 AM
5 story club, all you can drink tour, and 80 cent beers in Prague
Surfing in a garden then drinking in the beer gardens in Munich
Ruin bars and getting ruined at them in Budapest
Walking hungover on the triple bridge in Ljubljana
Sipping a spritz on the canals in Venice
Throwing back mojitos with the locals in Florence
Roaming around the ancient ruins in Rome
Partying until the sun is up and more in Barcelona
Some things I did on my eurotrip
Grant Horst Jun 2016
Get out there
Yeah I'm talking to you
Who else would I be there's nobody in this room

Anyway, I see you've been oblivious to the outside world my friend
Don't worry, for I will help you from this worrisome trend
There's a lot more going on beyond the hills and past the evergreens
Even thousand of miles further where the Queen meets the teens

By all means, you can stay here if you so choose
Just know you will be missing out on the world's best views
An adventure of fun, and experience that is second to none,
in a beautiful destination with plenty of women and ***

It is not healthy to just stay in once place too long
Your perspective can get narrow even if you feel like you belong
You learn most from your fellow people with each moment
building upon the last creating an incredible wanderlust that you are very fortunate to have

So get out there
The world isn't going to knock on your door
I don't write as much as I should and that's a problem
Grant Horst Apr 2016
I want to be free,
Like a squirrel choosing between many trees,
not like a man on one knee.
Like a seagull hovering near the ocean breeze
not like a mouse trying to get cheese.
I want to be free.

Not listening to orders like some drone
or trying to sell things over the phone;
I want to create my own throne all homegrown,
Not lying to myself and others with no backbone
or hearing my failures through a megaphone
I want to be free.

But what does that really mean?
It's not something given in your genes.
Is it doing what you want whenever or
is it living in the wilderness on some clever endeavor forever?
Or just having enough to indulge in more than just a lean cuisine.
I want to be free, but there are no guarantees

I don't care if all my colleague's succeed
it doesn't mean much to me.
What good is a bachelor's degree with
all the debt attached in actuality?
Studying long hours, getting good grades,
just to be an interviewee?
Not for me, so hear my plea
I want to be free.

You need to be free, you should want to figure this out,
or else I fear you will forever be in a drought.
Feeling like something's missing,
but you don't know what.
You may think you know somewhat,
but just know there are no shortcuts.
You will not succeed if you hold great doubt,
so please just hear me out.

You just have to at least try to be free
and not care even if it doesn't work out.
I want to be free
Grant Horst Aug 2015
Just one more couldn't hurt right?
I mean I've done 6 before in just one night
I better hurry so I don't miss my flight
I'm not going to a known place, however
but in a place no ones ever thought of
where creativity runs free without control
And I'm just along for the ride

Space to Space I flip
Deity to Dimension I travel
From being dropped into a pool of my own ignorance
Or sliding slowly off of an edge I cannot out run
I can't feel myself, only ego is alive now.
The best part there is no comedown.
I just lay back until I fall asleep.
But this time was different
I woke up to bright lights and my mother weeping
Drugs are bad, mmmkay?
Grant Horst Aug 2015
I could've been a lord or a captain
Dispensing orders and leading a team
Yet I'm as average as can be
I could've been an athlete or an actor
Running to happiness or pretending to glory
Yet I'm as average as average can be
I could've been a singer or dancer
On the grand stage hearing fans scream
Yet I'm average as can be
I want all these things not one or none
But growing up I was told it cannot be done
I'll lead my own way to stardom
without anyone's help
I want the world to look up at this nobody and say
We need your help
On terms of being average
Grant Horst Aug 2015
I think I might be going mad
Like a traveler without a map
On a land absent of help
Like a ship without a captain
On a sea with fog so thick you can't see

Closing my eyes only lets
My madness flow free
Imagining strange places
Sometimes beings without faces
Rather a new world, a dimension perhaps
On a different plane
But still in the same place
Unable to be seen yet
Running rampant in our dreams
How come I can only see them
When I'm asleep
Grant Horst Jul 2015
You and me
Used to be
Harmonic company
No one like you, No one like me
Our heads in trees
Swinging in glee
But then one day
I saw you in
an intriguing way
Then we talked
you felt the same
But it wouldn't work
We saw it the same
We went our own paths
along different roads
Even though
I still miss you so
I felt like writing today. I haven't been on much lately, I should really be on here more. Feedback appreciated
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