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Graff1980 Oct 19
Speak the words,
that sacred incantation,
tell me everything
will be a ok,
and that love has
an open invitation.

We wouldn’t need this revelation,
or a hundred more revolutions
if it wasn’t for the level
of our collective confusion,
how we succumb to the illusion
that wealth is was what really matters,

and I haven’t seen
a ******* thing
that makes me believe
heaven is here on earth,
nothing better or worse
worth dropping a verse
and letting my songs ring.

This time
this rhyme
is me repeating
pleading for you to start seeing
all other human beings
as tiny flesh treasures,
a temporary measure
of how good we
can truly be
when we act accordingly
to the dictates
of what love makes
instead how hate
makes it easy to let others
elevate their greed
to monstrous proportions,
that should be simple enough
for all of us to see.
Graff1980 Oct 18
Another sun down,

another broken sparkle
fading in the distance
turning into an empty instance,

another black hole nightmare
swallowing every stray ray
dimming then destroying
every beautifully bright day,
leaving us lost in the dark.

While parishioner celebrate
history’s ending this way,
on this tragic date
cause they think
destruction makes us great
and will take us to
a final holy space,

they sing hallelujah,

but I am not happy to say
goodbye to today
and all of my yesterdays.
Graff1980 Oct 17
Today a digital beast
is beating me,
as I reset and load
in hopes that I will
find the control
and right configuration
to defeat this fire breathing
video game creation.

Scales, claws,
fire, and fury,
armored up in a hurry
and I worry
that it will get me again.

Even if, I do not win,
I can reload and start anew.

Wouldn’t it be sweet
if life worked that way.
If I could quick save
and reload after a mistake.

If I could take big risk,
and have the bugs in my life
get fixed.

If I could go online to find
life’s cheat codes
to beat all of those
real life monsters,
not the fantasy type
but the kind that
devalues human life,

steals from the poor
and gives to the rich.

Man, I wish fixing life was
as simple as this
digital dragon that I will definitely beat
Graff1980 Oct 16
Praise be to the sacred song
of her sweet sexuality.

Soft skin, paled underneath
the smiling moon grinning Cheshire,
eyes close in silent prayer
to a deity who is not there.

If she only knew that she was,
the goddess of desire,
long blond curls falling down past
her supple shoulders,

cool water washing naked skin,
and from her mind’s distance
she imagines him
the one she loves
adoring her as she adores
the sparkling expanse.
How two lover’s hands
intertwine as passion’s twin finds
peace behind the trails and pines.

Long neck, blushing cheeks,
and in my dreams she is the one I seek,
wonderful witchy woman of words
nature’s breathing poetess.

She rises from the cool blue pool,
hands to her breast as the moistness
slides from her hair down her sides
around and under her thighs,
dripping on the evening’s green
as she greets the night and starts to dry.

Then returns to my dreams,
safely sequestered in passing fancies
of magical women I will write about
but never meet or even see in reality.
Graff1980 Oct 15
I remember a world of endless possibilities,
all sorts of hopeful alternate could be realities.

Every one of those points of positivity
has slowly been stripped from me,
and I feel like a filleted fish, or a skinned deer.

Now, I see the darkness. I have been there,
felt the rage of ages burning my skin clear
off the bone as I spontaneously combust.

How dare you corrupt ladies and dudes,
with your sick self-serving attitudes,
sell America to the elite few
corporations and affluent families
that treat human life like a depreciating commodity.

How dare you strip children from their parents,
steal money from Welfare, Medicaid, and pensions
to feed your gotta get more addiction
for high end wealthy living.

How dare you send in military men and women
to stop folks from rising and protesting,
testing the values, you claim to be defending,
the core of constitutional traditions that need amending.

How dare you line your pockets with profits
made at the expense of human dignity,
whilst claiming you represent a holy trinity.

The only rights and divinity I will accept
is that which appreciates diversity
and shows strangers common courtesy,
with a little kindness and respect.

So, shove you double talking crap
back down your deceitful blow hole,
get you boot off the neck of the world’s people
and make way for those who will make
the whole planet great.
Graff1980 Oct 14
I am walking back blistered foot
falling off the track we both laid,
those railroad rods on
which pennies were sat
so, they could become pancake
shaped metal bits,
as thin as the skin
of the flat earth minds
that I am trying to break through to.
Graff1980 Oct 13
There is over three thousand miles
of mental distance set between us,
but I am just trying to talk to you.

I am trying to flip the biblical script,
overturn the binary political ideals
and help you all throw out your doubt
about the roundness of our planet.

I am attempting to use verbal cues
and poetic clues to get you
to see human empathy trumps
ancient mythology,
and science is more of a savoir
then your made up guy on a cross
who claimed he will save you later,
but didn’t set up an appointment
or provide any real proof that he was anointed.

Despite the fact that I know you lack
any willingness to see beyond
the religion and politics you have settled on,
I am still trying to get you to see me
a man who honestly wants to believe that we
can be a better bunch of humans being
despite all the evidence to the contrary.
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