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gracie Nov 17
although the trains are not the same
i close my eyes and drift away
and when the trains blow on their horn
i almost feel i am at home.
gracie Nov 11
when you exhale,
your breath nibbles my ear
and draws blood.
time drips like honey
and drags me backwards
the air is golden and heavy
and i am suffocating
i cannot breathe
i cannot breathe
i cannot breathe.
i wrote this on my birthday last year and finally got around to editing it
gracie Nov 7
sometimes the world is soft and kind,
and every 365 days,
the light will become golden again
and the fall air will be crisp.
you will find new music to fall in love to
that has never been touched by the boy that broke your heart.
you will find new friends
and tell the stories everyone else got tired of hearing.
and one day, when you are playing dorm room basketball
you will take a step back,
and realize you are happy again.

sometimes the world is soft and kind
and she will make you clean.
gracie Nov 5
i would've said goodnight
and i see your ghost but
he does not keep me warm and
all 130 pounds of you are heavy and
dragging me down.

i wrote this crying right after i broke up with my ex so its v chaotic but i think its interesting so here u go
gracie Oct 20
thank you for breaking my heart
because i have never written a poem
about how much i love you.
gracie Oct 18
i dream of november nights and broken cars
germany in march and the stars
the last time everything was okay.

i dream of red speakers and fairy lights
green walls after fights
and tuesdays.
gracie Oct 18
but for today,
i am still alive, alive, alive
and i will taste the honey
because it is sweet.
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