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Aug 2020 · 478
Bones & Boys
Gracie Kaub Aug 2020
Words rolled off his tongue like dice
"You're different," he whispered.
"You're loaded," she laughed.
Feb 2020 · 136
A Voice
Gracie Kaub Feb 2020
Write and maybe you'll be heard
Oct 2019 · 156
A Poem on Two Feet
Gracie Kaub Oct 2019
After watching others create
and piece together works of art
she sadly reveals she cannot do the same.
She declares “i have ideas. I just can’t
turn them into words like others can.”

She has no idea that
She is the voice
behind them all.
She is
a poem on two feet.
Apr 2018 · 18
The First Sip
Gracie Kaub Apr 2018
I feel the alcohol creeping in
jumping through my veins
igniting them
one by one.  
It always starts this way
a slow burning with the first sip
a measly spark,
that triggers another
and another
until my vision is blurred by smoke
and I’m a full raging fire
warming the coldness inside me.

— The End —