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that truth injected a liquid coal that was
to pulse my veins forever.
pulled back the blinds
and shrouded me in darkness.
extinguished the flames
and charred the place
where I housed our dreams.

Cracking the concrete that lead to our door.

devoured the life
surrounding the perimeter.

engulfed me in a blackness
I won't soon forget.

misled by my own disillusions of who I wanted you to be.
the pages of this fairy tale are blank,
and would better make for kindling.

Rather start new,
or keep warm for that matter,
I chose to walk toward the lake alone.

feet bound by lies
I toss this to the cliffs,
broken with the others at the bottom.

misled by my own disillusion
of who I wanted you to be.

I weakened myself at the knees
and fell to my own imagination.

Dragons and princess,
I sword-struck myself silly.

these scars are not my own.
star-gaze reminiscence
we ALL fall down.

my faith is absent.

I lay the ghost of you down to sleep.
Kiss your forehead and destroy
the reflection of myself
I never wish to see again.
Shrouded, blank, Shrouded, blank.

Feet  bound  by  lies
you hung bleeding water
into a rapidly growing puddle.

I watch the sun set in our
tear stained canvas sky.

breaking ice
Stutter twice
roll the dice.

You saw me
I saw you
I want you to know
What I want you to

*** drugs
Rock and dull
Tell me something
Make a goal

Get your points
Impress me great
Fruit of *****
My face you rate

Break the ice
See my soul
Stutter twice
Burn like coal.

my heart is
an open field
of jagged rocks
and pits covered
in dry grass.

my heart is
a dense forest
to the south
and a river bank
to the east

my heart is
a landscape
alive with feral
animals and
gentle beasts.

my heart
pumps like a
purple sunset
in a hellish
Phoenix sky.

A poet in love
Is a match soaked
In gasoline.

follow my writing!

it will kick you in the diaphragm.
  Sep 2014 Gracie Herrmann
Skinny Love
You broke the girl with the golden smile.
You watched the light drain from her eyes.
A thousand I'm sorrys could never reclaim
The one who was your rainbow after the rain.
The first night I stayed under the stars at your house,
I tossed and turned until finally I woke you with
Soft kisses over your bare shoulders and on your chest
Just above your heart.
After stirring out of your slumber, your lips brushed mine
And the crook of your arm fit perfectly around
My body as you held me close.
One of us just barely awake, the other wide.

Learning to sleep with someone new takes time;
Discovering the way their chest rises and falls
Like the tide comes up to kiss the sand
Before receding back and pushing forward again.
Listening to their deep breaths as they lay
Almost lifeless on their back,
Matching their breaths to heartbeats beneath your cheek.
The way they stir in the sleep and reposition
Themselves so their arm holds you safe and secure
Even when they’re dreaming.
Gracie Herrmann Apr 2014
If I was a talented writer

Maybe someone, anyone, would understand
The skip in my chest the first time you told me you loved me

Maybe then I could understand why it doesn't seem so present anymore

If these words came out as I wanted them
Maybe I’d be lucky to see you’re brown eyes dance once more
And my pillow wouldn't be stained with
Freshly smeared make up  
due to the venom you put in my veins

My breath seems flattened with you so far away
My throat is raw from all the feelings I've swallowed
To try and guard myself from the promotion
That kept me awake at 2:53

You could never be a stranger to me  
I know you too well to pretend I don’t feel my stomach drop when I see you

I envy the way you can put me away, and shut me out.

I can’t wait forever.
I’m sick and worn down
of being a prisoner to my feelings…

so tell me dear, is this worth it?

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