Grace 1d
You’re like a snow fallen
Under the heat of the sun
You reflect the best parts of me
Grace 3d
I have those

The really nice girl,
Who talks to me everyday
Until I’m done helping with homework

Ooh, how about the funny guy
Who asks me how I am always,
When he needs a favor

There's one girl,
She’s nice to me
Except if I say something she doesn’t like
Then she says, “no offense but...”
And says really mean things
But it’s okay
If I say and do what she likes, that’s is

Soooo yeah,
I have those
I think
Grace 5d
It would be an honor,
The greatest gift
To hold you in my arms
Once more

Don’t give me a stuffed animal
Or even let me keep your hoodie
Just come home to me
Grace Nov 30
It’s been dropped so many times
You can glue it back together
But it’ll never be the same
Grace Nov 30
But how could they
When I don’t even love myself
Grace Nov 30
Hold me tight
Watching a movie
Laughing, Cuddling,
Eyes Twinkling
Don’t overthink it
Because it will quickly fade away
Let’s just exist in this moment
Grace Nov 28
It’s quite interesting
How heavy my heart is
When it’s so very empty
Everything hurts
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