Grace 1h
Right now
I miss you
A little extra

I miss your eyes
And your smile
I miss being held
As a child
I miss crying
Into your arms

Remember when we watched Rachel Ray
For hours
And we’d laugh
And then you’d walk me to the beach?
Remember when we spent time together
And it didn’t feel forced?

Can we try again?
Can I sit in your lap and cry
Because I’m sad
And I need my mom
To hug and reassure me
To  tell me tomorrow is
A new day

Please just be mom again
Please do the little bit extra for me again
Please do more than yell at me
I just want my mom back
Sometimes I feel like all you do is yell at me
Or ask me to cook dinner
Let’s talk again
Grace 1h
Happier with you
Isn’t the happiest I can be
But neither is with him
Grace 1h
He said
I don’t love you
But it’s me not you
No hard feelings, right?

And I said

Except, my eyes see you
In everything
When the sky is full of clouds
All I see is your eyes

And when I say the pledge
My heart hurts
When the anthem is sung
Sometimes I cry
And people look at me funny
And I lie
I tell them it just means a lot
But it’s really only has meaning
Because of you

When there is storm outside
I wish I had Nieko
And when I write poems
I cry
Because only you’d understand
Who Nieko is
And then my chest hurts again
Because you’re not there
Holding me as I hd
You’re in my head
Just as a memory

But I promise
No hard feelings
Just be happy
Grace 2h
Everything in Texas is Bigger
Like the love I have for
My Texan Best Friend

Texas is one of my favorite places
Not because of its history
Or stereotypes
Not because everything’s bigger

Texas is better
Because my best friend lives there
Grace 5h
It’s like always
Every time
I feel I’m close
To enough
Then I feel
All over

My writing
Couldn’t compare
To the eloquence
That is others

It feels like
My Personality
Is  Almost
When Alongside
Any others

It’s like I’m just not enough
No matter what I do
No matter how many times
I love you
I love you more
Is said,
I just have that little doubt
That I’m not enough
Grace 1d
I’m not supposed to use
Cellular Data
But it’s okay
I’ll always use it when you
Text me

No amount of money
I owe my dad
Is Worth
The data of our memories
Grace 2d
If only
I could play
In the sand forever

If only time
Didn’t pass so fast
And days didn’t grow short

If only I valued holding hands
And skipping with friends

If only society didn’t teach me
What hate was

If only I didn’t grow up
Instead stayed young
And innocent
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