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gcj Mar 13
i want to write so well, so clearly people understand  
they understand their artificial mind is locked—
i want to enjoy music, symphony from a jazz band!
how long has it been since we have been shocked?
leading mindless fast walked meaningless lives
i want to be led by wholesome— wholesome self!
what will remain, what survives?
i want to see what is myself, herself, ourself
who is she? Who is he? Who could they be?
are we past reconciliation? Turning back?
we fight for freedom but are we actually free?
can we talk—
where you tell me who you are?
how far we have come
that when i look up at night, i can’t see a star
and we all live under societies thumb
and some don’t know it, can’t see
bc we have become too blind
and they don’t know they need to flee
so alas ourselves we cannot find
gcj Mar 6
|it’s interesting how faces change what you see|
| in, what you think of them, what you assume|
|about them associate prejudices on people fo-|
\rcing our opinions on them before stoppin-/
\g to try and understand them, pausing/
\to hear their stories looking inside/
\to see something different som-/
\ething more real than what /
|we can see on the outside|
| so do you see it? can you see the |
\profile of the two people looki-/
/ng at each other trying to see d-\
\eaper than what is on the sur-/
/face trying to see what’s really\
|there underneath the façade we bu-|
|ild to keep everyone around us out |
|bc we’re scared that what’s really t-|
|there won't be accepted so let’s step|
--out- accepting ourselves and everyone else--
I tried lol.. its not very good but oh well. this dude has a long chin
gcj Mar 6
today marks the day of lovely happy parades
with its endless merriments and festivities
the streets are bursting with processions full of sleighs
people busy themselves with blissful activities
dressed in elaborate costumes and masks
others dress for a Masquerade  
i think maybe a few people drink from flasks ;)
and a couple of them will need first aid
but this place makes me happier than anything
and more than anything i wish i was there now
posted this a day late oops
gcj Mar 4

                                                              ­                 a                      a
                                                               ­                  n                       g
                                                               ­                    d  r i s e  a b o v e  i t
                                                                ­                                          a
                                                               ­                                          i
                                                ­                                                      n
                             ­                                       e
                        ­                                         y
                                        t o  t h e  p  b
                                                        d­    a
                                            g       o        i
                                                o     ­        n

w         ­        s  
    e                 o  
      s e e  t h e  h u r t
              ­      y
gcj Mar 4
a poem is a peak
                              into a hidden mystique
gcj Mar 3
i don’t want this to be another love rhyme
but the best poems have the most feeling
and this is how you destroyed a life time
bc all you were doing was concealing
we were supposed to be built on a foundation of fidelity
but the entire time you were in disguise
and i never really knew you honestly
now i get to watch as everything we have dies

you keep coming back to ask for more
but you can’t recognize
that I can’t open the door
over the sound of my cries
ive been broken a little too much
that nothing you can do will ever touch
I broke up with the guy I was in love with bc he hid something from me and he keeps asking to get back together but I just cant let him back in bc our relationship was supposed to be built on trust and now everything is gone
gcj Mar 1
it’s always weird when you see reality fade
the same sinuous love cascade
as if a new season has come
and we realize it’s no longer sum
and the leaves begin to fall
and we endlessly see rainfall
outside feels like its died
and so does inside

so I’ll never let any hurt befall
and maybe one day i’ll learn to stand tall
not yet, but someday soon
it’ll be afternoon
we’ll look up and the sky will no longer be grey
and for the first time i'll be okay
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