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Grace Apr 2019
Too soon came the loss
Of those brave hearts

Pulsing in the holy brain
Compassion unmatched

Pounding on heavens door
We demand

Why does death come
To those who dare ask
Grace Apr 2019
A broken human

Bent too far
And snapped

Grace Apr 2019
He told me I ******
Like a Woman

I was 16
Grace Apr 2019
I may go quietly from this world-
Swiftly, without protest
Or I may rage and burn
Like we think we should
I may become someone before it’s done
Someone whom the world loves and somehow isolates with that love
Maybe be remembered by that love
Or I could be taken out like a spider in a bathtub
Drowned unceremoniously
By something much larger than me
And be forgotten by the time the water heats
And hits the porcelain
Grace Jan 2019
As thoughts of death come careening through my mind,
I say yes
As fear pulses through my every atom,
I say yes
Take me when you will,
Grim Reaper
Hit me with the worst of life,
Dear god
Don’t spare me or protect me
Why start now?
Grace Jan 2019
I went on a walk today
I took a different route than I usually take
Snaked through parts of my past i usually avoid
For the sorrow or the nostalgia they bring me
Past the elementary school I went to in the 4th grade
Where i made friends with bullies and wore sparkly shoes
Past the house i nannied in for probably a week before i disappeared back into the bottle
And, by accident, really, past the house i later had my first one night stand
But it wasn’t there
It had been demolished and in its place lay a field of snow with a sign announcing a new building project
I was struck with a surprising delight
The idea that part of my past was literally bulldozed felt miraculous
It occurred to me for seemingly the first time
That things really do change
Things leave and new things take their place
As sedentary as my life has become
It’s hard to believe that anything takes on a new form
Across the street from the empty lot is Liberty Park
A park i’ve avoided like the plague for the past few years
I can hardly stand to look at it
But after seeing the remnants of my drunken hookup destroyed
I felt compelled to step onto the park’s outskirts
A flashback of walking with my ****** to get smokes came
And i stood as i watched myself slink along the grass with him
I saw the way she couldn’t breathe and couldn’t think
And i hugged her and she stepped inside of my body
And we walked
Then sprinted up the path
Saying goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Grace Jan 2019
I don’t want to take your suffering from you.
I want to help you suffer. Greatly. Daringly.
Suffer with all of your might- your whole being.
Let hellfire be your furnace.
Your particular brand of suffering is a complete ecosystem.
Befriend the little demons.
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