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Dark clouds cloaked me
I'm choked of jealousy
Eyes turned hazy
Tears racing down my face
As feelings started to fade
Heart slowly freeze
My mind is in daze
I am dying inside
Now I'm blind.
Such a pretty jar
Molded carefully,
and patiently.
Laid under the sun
Paint it.
It is made of clay
Pretty but fragile.
It stands the test of time.
Yet with carelessness, it's nothing!
But a broken jar.
#feeling so down and broken
#once it's broken, you can never fix it
That's our Heart.
Someone may dare to fix it as if he/she knew but later he/she will break it more.
So hard!
That's how you see me outside.

Is what I am inside.



#sometimes we really came to the point where we wish to feel nothing just to ignore the pain.
Amidst of the crowd,
And the music so loud,
Saw an innocent face
Yet your eyes conveying  something else.

You whisper to my ears.
Your cheek touches mine.
I closed my eyes in fear
As tiny tingling gives me thrill.

We dance through all night.
My mind is running wild.
Getting drunk by your laugh.
Dizzy by your touch.
That ecstacy feel!

Found ourselves between the sheets
Fire ignited!
Shadows dancing on the wall.
A night to remember
Yet trying hard not to fall.
I wish to be a rose
Because you like the smell of it.
Now that I am, you want the sunflower for its beauty.
I wish to be one, then you distaste it and chased the orchid - For it is unique and uncomparable qualities.
It saddens me ...
It crumples all the veins ...
It squeezed by heart till it stopped pumping
Cause you adore the flower that once I am.
I wish to be some flowers that I thought will satisfy all your senses yet I ended up to be a flower weathered by time and chances that I just wasted.
Don't wish to be someone else.  Just love your self just the way you are.
You are my world
I loved you enough
Yet you played with the fire
You played a game of love
Thought you played well
No you don't!
I'm numb - all the feelings were gone
Now, I love you no more.
I learned to keep quite
When I'm right
I learned to walk alone
When no one walks with me
I learned to stay in the corner
For I know it's a better place
I walked through the darkness
When nobody lend me a torch
I learned to love the rain
Because it hides my tears
I cried silently
For no one cares
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