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Grace Melby Mar 2018
He slithered on the ground towards me
“I want you”
“You’re beautiful”
He’s at my feet begging me to look into those hypnotizing eyes
“You’re perfect for me”
“I love you”
He wraps himself around my knees keeping them from shaking
“You make me a better person”
“You complete me”
He is coiled around my thighs making me feel stable
“I need you”
“Never leave me”
He’s wound around my stomach giving me the façade of butterflies
“You’re mine”
“You’re nothing without me”
He wraps around me tighter
slithering up around my neck making it hard to breathe
“You’ve changed”
“You’re weak”
And as he moves on to his next victim
The venom he injected into my veins
Makes me want him to want me all over again.
Grace Melby Mar 2017
What if...
What if is a funny phrase
it has endless possibilities
What if I fail?
What if I fall?
What if it’s not your choice at all?
What if is for the worried
who think of all that could go wrong
What if I fail?
What if I fall?
But what if you fly?

— The End —