stay strong
be presentable
   cant show your stupid face
     just kill yourself
I take steps faster
I can see the end of the cliff
but I don't slow down
        I wrote my note
         few words I left my parents with
           I'm sorry
I smile, reach the end
this girl is going to jump now
and be free...

I'm trapped, god help me
I should be better than this

wrapped memories
moments snapped
and held close,
distorted by time,
my love for you has become blurry
i cant tell what's better for me


Someone gives me
a piece of themselves
to make me whole
they match our types
push needles into our veins
watch us break
tubes entangle us
choke us

the blood isn't always a match
our bodies tear themselves apart
contradict themselves



It is
our destiny
for us to be tormented
within ourselves
not knowing the difference
between insanity
and love.


glass shattering
I smile at the familiar noise
I cry
until my heart is too tired
to scream within me any more
I'm angry
you've forgotten about me so quickly
I'm angry...
that you've left me
to meet your maker.


I scream until my throat hurts
till my vocal cords snap,
or fray at the edges
till they can't even feel numb
I'm a canary
feeling myself vibrate,
I'm singing my destiny
explaining my life through scales
I'm a canary

can you catch me?

Idek haha
Erin Knight Jan 10

pupils dilated
I see the core of innocence
in you
blood drops
I see what contains life
in you
I see the sorrow of humanity
in you
looking at your body
and your heart covered in thorns
I finally know
why I fell in love
with you.

Our mind swirls into dangerous places, doesn't it?
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