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gp jackson Feb 2013
Meeting new people.. not sure if I want to really..
They keep talking..I keep ignoring..
Or maybe I don't. ..I think I just want to..
I need something more..they can't provide it..
So why even try..  

If this ******* ****** bag says one more thing..
His night is gonna be over..
I don't think he realizes what he is doing..
Its not as funny as he thinks..
I hope he doesn't think he can handle what I can dish..

I'm getting side tracked.. I ******* hate frat boys
There is five of them..I'm by myself. .but my knife is close..

Good I'm glad that's would be a long ride home..and the blood would **** up my shirt..
I love this shirt..
gp jackson Feb 2013
I need something..
Something to fill this hole that you left..
Something more than these holes I fill..momentarily taking my breath..  
The hurt that I feel causes me to want to hurt back..
**** what they feel..just lay on your back..
No you can't have anymore.. there's something you lack..  FTW..I just want it back..
gp jackson Feb 2013
You're the only person from that god forsaken place I truly miss..  
Even though I'm having the time of my life.. I still think of how much better it could be if you were here..
You would love this place..I think you could really be happy..
My biggest fear is that you don't want to be..
I hope that's not true..
You have the potential to be great.. I think the hole your stuck in will eventually **** that away..
All I want is for you to be happy.. I hope you feel the same way..  

I really do miss you.. I hope your having the time of your life..
gp jackson Jan 2013
I'm not really okay..
     Even though that's what I say..
I'm so torn up inside..
I swear I almost died..

..but I'll do whatever I need to
        In order to see you..

even if it means being your friend.. much as we've been through..this can't be the end.             I would rather be around you..
                      ..than to be with out you. know I understand a lot in life when it comes to this ****..     so I understand that you need to live life and don't have time for this ****..    not trying to be rude in any way..    just something I thought I sould say..'re

I just don't want there to be regret..
..please don't shut me out
                 not over this
                                not now...
gp jackson Jan 2013
Everybody has a past..
Some lived slow..   and some lived fast..
Some things go..     and some things last..
    ..but none of that matters because the past..
          It's just that..
       the past.
gp jackson Jan 2013
I can't sleep..  

I can't eat..      
                      At least I'm still on my feet.. least I think I am.
gp jackson Jan 2013

      what's good 7-5-7?
VA with your 2 up 2 down..
       I really hate you.
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