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It's like the entire world feels right
whenever I see you.
  Apr 6 Denise Uy
He loved me because it was convenient
That's not love...

He stayed with me when it wasn't convenient
That's love.
Denise Uy Apr 5
i reached the peaks of my sadness a few times this week
once because i miss her
twice because im transferring
thrice because i failed
four times because my mom hates me
five times because i want to die
six times because i am alone
seven times because im begging to get
my life back together
Denise Uy Apr 4
see my angsty pout?
i will never be enough
but i was before
Denise Uy Apr 4
just drop the shovel
you are not a dead person
it's not your turn yet
  Apr 4 Denise Uy
I feel like I’m swimming in darkness,
Unable to find the light.
Nothing is as it seems.
I yearn for you, I churn for you, but is it the same?
I must be going insane.
Why do I question every little thing?
Why do I doubt your ways?
I simply want you to want me, I guess I’m tired of playing these games
I hate losing at this mental chess
Especially when I know I’m simply playing against myself.
You’re not my enemy.
And yet, out of all the things I wish I could forget,
You will never be on that list, love—
To forget you is to die a slow death.
  Apr 4 Denise Uy
I don't want any of these people
And I don't want their cheap thrills
Their need for a love that only lasts til dawn
Lies shield their hearts
And inhibition disallows anyone to see their true selves
The selves they hate and abuse

I have waited for you since our last lifetime
And I'm so tired of waiting
Every night I go out to meet people
My heart sinks with the absence of you
And I sink with depression into emotions I need to forget

I have bought their cheap thrills
And I remain unsatisfied with the results
I lost strength as the liquor stupefied me
And pulled me to a person to whom only saw a short term pleasure

I don't want to settle or second guess
I want you
I want to meet you
I want to know you
And to love you
I want to experience with you
And reminisce with you
And I want to die with you and wait all over again
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