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goodtea 2d
He's seen too much.
Fourteen and already the world
Leaves him blinking his eyes
Wishing to see no more.
His problem is that he's felt too much.
Too many hands on his body and
Too many cracks in his heart.
Life hasn't been kind.
He needs a reminder.
He is still a child and not at fault
For the sins of his father,
The sins of the family.
He carries this burden,
Thinking he must be strong.
Everyone watches him crumble.
No one steps in.
No one can see hope or a human soul,
But it's easy to watch both die
Without a sound.
No protest. No defense.
Stab wounds to the heart,
Covered in band aids.
He's told the future is better
But he's bleeding out right now.
Dead but alive,
A moving body with sightless eyes.
But light can flicker.
Light can spark.
I'm going to look him in the eye.
I'm going to see hope,
and I'm going to see a soul,
Two gazes in the dark.
goodtea Apr 21
He stretches out next to me,
And whispers,
"You're so beautiful",
Like it's the only honest thing
He's ever said..
whomp whomp
goodtea Apr 7
Flowers crawl up
Pushing aside dirt,
What was once a
Heavy weight
Now the support we
Plant our roots on
Dig deep
Until we bloom.
wrote this while helping run a group so don't let people think you can't multitask.
goodtea Mar 30
Tell me a story
Where the girl doesn't bleed
And love doesn't die.

Tell me your sweet lies.
goodtea Mar 24
You tell him you love him
Because you don’t want him to leave
You don’t know the difference
goodtea Jan 24
pretty little thing,
"men will treasure you,"
her mother told her.
but she gazed at the stars,
and thought men were a little short sighted.
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