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goodtea Mar 2
Listen, we were together
And you reminded me of every lost chance I had.
You were always happy to see me,
But something in your eyes watered.

You were a soft baby,
Sheltered and raised gently.
Your mother told you she would always love you.

I was jagged edges and cold eyes.
I knew one day you would cut your hands open on my cheekbones.
I worried it would be your first time bleeding.

I wondered how far you would fall when I dropped you.
An eagle holding bait.

We would drive and talk about things that mattered,
I told you I tended to forget things.
I didn't tell you that you might be one of them.

You used to whisper, "You're beautiful."
You used to squeeze me so tight.
I used to hold onto your hand,
Afraid I would let go.
I let go.
goodtea Sep 2019
wired soul,
punctured through
the only one bleeding is you
blood over cracked lips
you fear you'll
stab the person closest to you
but where you see barbs
they see a friend

hey wired soul,
people pet porcupines
and walk on needles
so don't draw up
warnings and cautions
the problem is you've been
chasing balloons
when you should go find
those fun *******
who know
all the best things
come with some risk.
your heart is a steel trap, but some people wouldn't mind being caught.
goodtea May 2019
He's seen too much.
Fourteen and already the world
Leaves him blinking his eyes
Wishing to see no more.
His problem is that he's felt too much.
Too many hands on his body and
Too many cracks in his heart.
Life hasn't been kind.
He needs a reminder.
He is still a child and not at fault
For the sins of his father,
The sins of the family.
He carries this burden,
Thinking he must be strong.
Everyone watches him crumble.
No one steps in.
No one can see hope or a human soul,
But it's easy to watch both die
Without a sound.
No protest. No defense.
Stab wounds to the heart,
Covered in band aids.
He's told the future is better
But he's bleeding out right now.
Dead but alive,
A moving body with sightless eyes.
But light can flicker.
Light can spark.
I'm going to look him in the eye.
I'm going to see hope,
and I'm going to see a soul,
Two gazes in the dark.
goodtea Apr 2019
He stretches out next to me,
And whispers,
"You're so beautiful",
Like it's the only honest thing
He's ever said..
whomp whomp
goodtea Apr 2019
Flowers crawl up
Pushing aside dirt,
What was once a
Heavy weight
Now the support we
Plant our roots on
Dig deep
Until we bloom.
wrote this while helping run a group so don't let people think you can't multitask.
goodtea Mar 2019
Tell me a story
Where the girl doesn't bleed
And love doesn't die.

Tell me your sweet lies.
goodtea Mar 2019
You tell him you love him
Because you don’t want him to leave
You don’t know the difference
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