Sep 10 · 282
What one?
Juvia Cecilia Sep 10
What one do you listen to?
When one tells you to do one thing and the other says differently.
How do you know which one is right?
What one do you follow?
Your Brain or Your Heart?
May 10 · 392
Would it be the same?
Juvia Cecilia May 10
Sitting at the dinner table full of everyone I love yet all that surrounded me was hate. "A women can't just kiss another women it isn't right." "*** doesn't love ****." "The Bible says men can only be with women not men too." Would things be different if they knew? Would they still look at me the same way? Would they accept me? Would they still love me? I wanted to scream. I was screaming, all these thoughts running through my head, crying to be released. I could feel my blood boiling, my hands turned to fists, I could no longer deal with the words that came out of their mouths, the same mouths that said "I love you."
if only they knew
Aug 2017 · 240
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
Do you ever cry and you don't know why? The tears just seem to all fall, Just all of the sudden your body physically hurts in every place and it just won't stop?
Aug 2017 · 180
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
Somehow you always do it,
you appear out of nowhere and plop a smile on my face,
you wipe away the tears falling down my cheek,
and you always manage to bring back that glow of happiness that was soon fading away.
and you'll never know how grateful i am for that
Aug 2017 · 143
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
They ask me why I love you
and to be completely honest
I don't even know why
I've never known why
it just happened
Aug 2017 · 125
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
I never wanted to fall in love
because at the end of the day
I know I'll never be anything to you
Aug 2017 · 238
With You
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
When I'm with you everything's different
When I'm with you I tend to smile more
When I'm with you I'm not scared.
When I'm with you I forget about the rest of the world
When I'm with you I feel safe
When I'm with you I am truly happy
Dear lord I sound like a love struck person now fml
Aug 2017 · 212
Isn't it crazy?
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
Isn't it crazy how one person can change your life?
Isn't it crazy how you'll never know who they are until you cross paths?
Isn't it crazy?
oh dear what have you done
Aug 2017 · 251
What Have You Done To Me
Juvia Cecilia Aug 2017
One moment you'll have me regretting life,
the next I'll be happy just because you said hello,
And in the end you'll have me falling on my knees for you.
Emotions are wild
Jul 2017 · 200
Sad Song
Juvia Cecilia Jul 2017
Never listen to sad music when you're already sad it only makes things worse because every lyric that is being said is every word that replays in your head.
i'm so ******* frustrated why am i like this i get jealous so easily what's wrong with me i'm not in love with her i can't be
Jul 2017 · 196
Juvia Cecilia Jul 2017
Love is like a game of dominos when one falls, the other falls for another.
thoughts hopefully it makes sense it's 1:15 am so probably not :)
Jul 2017 · 152
Juvia Cecilia Jul 2017
"True love" "Soul mates" "Happily ever afters" All that ******* you see in the movies, none of it is real this is reality the only True love you have here is for your pillow at 2:37 in the morning after crying for 6 hours straight over your ex that you once thought was the "one"
I apologize to whoever is reading this, I just post whatever comes to mind and most of the time it doesn't make sense
Jul 2017 · 607
Happy or Sad?
Juvia Cecilia Jul 2017
In this world you're either happy or sad there's no in between
It's sad but it's true look around you you'll see there's no in between
Jul 2017 · 210
Never Stop
Juvia Cecilia Jul 2017
I will never stop loving you
even after everything you've done to me, the tears you've caused me to cry, the constant feeling of pain, the heartbreaking truth of never being good enough. Even after all that I will always love you.
Jul 2017 · 407
Juvia Cecilia Jul 2017
Silence fell upon
the house that once was filled with laughter and love. It fell like rain, quick and all at once. No one saw it coming it just happened and there was no stopping it.
Jun 2017 · 168
Juvia Cecilia Jun 2017
I tried to get over you..
but I ended up falling more for you
Jun 2017 · 321
Always You
Juvia Cecilia Jun 2017
I hate myself for thinking of you
I try to distract myself but somehow my thoughts always lead back to you
why is it so hard to get someone off your mind
Jun 2017 · 273
Could Have Been
Juvia Cecilia Jun 2017
I'm losing you,
it was nice.. the thought
that you actually could've been mine
I need to get my life together
Jun 2017 · 376
Juvia Cecilia Jun 2017
The thought of never seeing you again
crosses my mind
and kills me inside
4:13 A.M ~ can't sleep
Jun 2017 · 217
Juvia Cecilia Jun 2017
when you're genuinely happy
don't let it go to waste
savor it before it's too late
A certain group of people in my life make me actually happy i actually smile a real smile and laugh a real laugh i can't say that when i'm away from them
Jun 2017 · 238
Juvia Cecilia Jun 2017
It felt as if someone was squeezing my heart until it shattered into pieces. I couldn't breathe properly it was as if all the air had gone away. My body trembling, tears streaming down my face and they wouldn't stop. All I could think of was "Why? How? What happened? Why them and not me?"
everything was going right until it was wrong
Jun 2017 · 1.3k
Let Go
Juvia Cecilia Jun 2017
I felt myself losing you
your spirit had left my soul
your presence in me disappeared
another ***** on my fragile porcelain heart
I keep telling myself to let you go
it's for the best
even if it's only for one of us
it's scary how quickly things can change
May 2017 · 1.2k
Losing you
Juvia Cecilia May 2017
The thought of losing you pains me
mentally, emotionally and physically
when I think about losing you
I get a pain in my heart
I feel it breaking just from the thought
I feel tears forming in my eyes
it scares me
just the thought of losing you.
i don't want to lose my two best friends, things are changing and i hope we don't become distant because i don't know what i'll do without them i can't even image life without them
May 2017 · 147
Juvia Cecilia May 2017
why is love so confusing
it makes you cry
yet it brings you joy at the same time
it makes your heart skip a beat
yet shatter into a million pieces when something goes wrong.
I don't want to be in love
May 2017 · 1.1k
In Love
Juvia Cecilia May 2017
The thing is I don't want to be in love
But sadly I am
Sometimes I don't even know why
but then I realize
everything about you makes me happy
yet brings me pain at the same time
3am thoughts
May 2017 · 1.8k
Juvia Cecilia May 2017
I want you to be happy but why does it hurt so much to see you happy with someone else
It hurts seeing you look at her with loving eyes because I know you'll never look at me the same way.
Those looks, smiles and touches will never be mine because I'm just the friend on the side line
It ***** because I know we'll never be more then just friends.
Apr 2017 · 317
Happy Endings
Juvia Cecilia Apr 2017
"And they lived Happily Ever After."
how clique
is what we think whenever we hear or see a happy ending in a book, movie or even in real life
yet when they don't get their happy ending why do we cry and wish it could be the other way?
how iconic huh?
I cried my eye ***** out when my book didn't end with a happy ending yet the other day I read a book with a happy ending and got annoyed because it was too clique and predictable. Don't you just love life?
Mar 2017 · 727
We want what we can't have
Juvia Cecilia Mar 2017
I want your hellos back
I want your good lucks back
I want your smiles back
I want your good mornings back
I want your good nights back
I want your how was your day back
I want your laughs back
I want your silly nicknames for me back
I want your kindness back
I want your happiness back
I want your I love yous back
I want you back
but i know that's just too much to ask
Appreciate everything even the smallest of things

— The End —