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goner May 2016
the end
looks a lot like me;
b i l l o w e d,
(( s h r o u d e d )),
rain c l o u d eyes.
twįstęd tongues
which speak in lies.
mælstrøm mind
measured malice
dosing mostly those
that mean the most to me.
and though it be the me
that I try not to be,
t h e  e n d
looks a lot like me.

Instructions: don't feed the wildlife.
goner May 2016
pour your problems out,
and ill drink them down, keeping
you safe satiates.

Instructions: make her feel invincible.
goner May 2016
each time that
m y  m o u t h  m i s s e s  y o u r s
my jaw clicks,
just a little bit.
raw, red, renegade
everlast lips,
embraced by my face with
c r u s h i n g,
punishing hits.
south paw kid
so i always lean left,
but you can view through me
so there's no defense left
i know it's a battle
to win at all cost.
m y  b o d y
wasn't built
to lose how we lost.

Instructions: never give up unless she asks you to. then try harder.
goner May 2016
this place has some strange ways of pulling you
u n d e r
the world feels so small and there's no time to
w o n d e r
about the places my mind wants when it
w a n d e r s
- - -
i rack my brain and i
try to
the way that it felt way too warm for
and the way that it felt like her mood changed the weather
and how i'll spend forever just trying
*forget her
Instructions: try to remember to forget her
goner May 2016
what would it take
to fill perfectly
a page with line
after t i g h t r o p e line
of the way your cheeks puff
when you've had enough, or
the way your breath bounds
from your body when
i say 'we were made for love'?

what it would take
i do not have. for
i do not have you,
and without you,
my pen will not move.
Instructions: use as bookmark until the one you're waiting for arrives.
goner May 2016
Nothing was lonely.  
the weight of his dark.
the waste of his light.
Nothing was alone.*

Nothing needed Something, but
there was only Nothing there.  
there was only Nothing before.
there is only Nothing after.

only during, was ever there not only Nothing.
only during, did Nothing have Something.

Something was lovely.
the state of her heart.
the taste of her lips.
Something was love.

Nothing could not have
wanted Something more
as the saying goes;
you can't have
Something for Nothing.

Instructions: read in your most convincing fairy tale narrator voice.
goner May 2016
Were you weak,
I would not worry.  

Would I know that
you would return to me?

I don't. And I won't.  
And still I do not worry.

I worry because
you are not weak, and

I would love you
even if you were.

Instructions: try not to worry so much.
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