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Nov 2021 · 367
Tangerine Wonderland
Goddess Rue Nov 2021
Don’t let the strong citrus scent,
Leaves you stepping back,
Come forth instead,
And welcome to the Tangerine Wonderland,
Where the orange colour stretches,
To far back,
Complimented by its fellow citrus friends,
For yellow, orange, and green,
Are the feelings,
My heart screams,
When I’m with you.
So, step up,
And grow with me,
To this warm tune,
Orange perfume,
Blissed garden,
Only when I'm with you.
Sep 2021 · 382
Goddess Rue Sep 2021
Her wings are flailing,
Bare through the blessings of Earth,
And rains of sorrows.
Countless emotions,
As we pass through stages of life,
Unfolding every euphoria and melancholia;
But promise to survive,
Even though your wings are flailing.
Jun 2021 · 653
Goddess Rue Jun 2021
Butterflies flutter,
Utters of lethal lustre,
Seeped in like sugar.
You sting like a bee,
My source of honey,
Will you fly away?
Or build a home of wax with me?
Oct 2020 · 301
Goddess Rue Oct 2020
The eclipsed ether,
Fairly honest yet complex,
Lit by countless stars.
A soul is but one emotion,
Do acknowledge the complexity of a person,
For that is what makes all of us,
Aug 2020 · 218
My Day
Goddess Rue Aug 2020
The Sun will falter,
Day turns dark but comes the Moon,
Light shall rise again.
So leave your cuts my dear,
Don't give in to the blades,
Hope for rays of sunlight.
Jul 2020 · 314
We Are All Old Buildings
Goddess Rue Jul 2020
Ruined and worn,
Strangled with wild vines,
Yet still standing,
With hanged pictures on the walls,
Of old and new,
And a place,
For growth of life.

We valid,
Even as we age,
Through the endless pain,
We are still standing.
So worry not of your woes,
They teach you of lessons of life,
So you will grow well, my friend,
And you will learn,
How to love yourself more.
Jun 2020 · 518
Goddess Rue Jun 2020
That same miracle,
Singing to my ears,
And there were tears,
Dripping on the shackles.

Heard it in the garden,
Somewhere on the moon,
In this quiet room,
Leaking rays of the sunlight.

Never once I danced to it,
But my feathers were swaying,
As though grazed by the wind.
I tried to dance along,
I tried to dance,
I tried to,
I tried.
Apr 2020 · 2.0k
Goddess Rue Apr 2020
I feel it raining,
On a cloudless sunny day,
Flooding only me.
I looked around me,
They're all dry and clean,
As the coldness touch my skin.
Mar 2020 · 1.6k
The Moon & The Wolf
Goddess Rue Mar 2020
Sing your song my wolf,
Let out your secrets you’ve kept,
Sate this lonely moon.

Be whole tonight moon,
Let this wolf call out to you,
When your glow reach me.
[heyy~ hope you enjoy this interactive haiku(s) i wrote]
Mar 2020 · 5.8k
Goddess Rue Mar 2020
You’re much like the rain,
You can be soft or heavy,
Or kind to my drought.
your presence
is all
i need.
Mar 2020 · 373
Goddess Rue Mar 2020
It’s not much I know,
Only a piece of paper,
For us to colour.
It's weird to see,
You holding the yellow crayon,
drawing a sun,
above the journey i drew,
on this endless canvas.
Jan 2020 · 445
Bitter cloudburst
Goddess Rue Jan 2020
The heavens were mad,
So the clouds thickened and rained,
Tearing on the earth.
Your grips are too tight,
Cycles of day and night,
Enraged, yet unsatisfied,
Still, you didn't realise,
The hand in your right,
might shrink down to size.
Oct 2019 · 462
Ocean devotion
Goddess Rue Oct 2019
Depth of the blue sea,
Is like your love’s metaphor,
One that I yearn for.
'Cause just like the ocean,
It's deep and affectionate,
It's true-blue but it can hurt.
Oct 2019 · 407
Goddess Rue Oct 2019
How many are they?
Lights embedded sky, you asked,
Too significant.
Questions remain unanswered,
Yet you'll understand,
The why to your why.
Oct 2019 · 454
Tragic sin
Goddess Rue Oct 2019
You’re drowning yourself,
In fear and doubt,
But too scared to sink,
So you held out one arm,
Waiting for someone to reach it,
To pull you up,
And it hurts to feel,
No touch on your cold skin.

A tragedy indeed,
Ocean of tears,
With no boat around,
Only your feet,
To keep you afloat,
A death wish,
Partially committed.
Cuts on your wrists,
Not deep enough,
Too scared to bleed,
But a need to feel.
Sep 2019 · 33.0k
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
Heaven rained on me,
I breathed in the petrichor,
Bathed in the downpour.
I have sinned,
So destroy me,
With your rain.
Sep 2019 · 629
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
Vestal white roses,
Shed their serrated surface,
Then tainted in red.
A Greek goddess, love, roses, and blood.
Sep 2019 · 703
Burnt skin
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
Charming lucent glow,
Burnt my skin as I take hold,
Solace when let go.
it may seem hurtful, but letting go sometimes helps, no matter how big of a deal it was for you.
Sep 2019 · 306
In pain
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
Lungs soaked in anguish,
Eyes bleeding in blue,
Lips chapped too foolish,
Heart’s hurting to continue.
Sep 2019 · 375
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
Majestic figure,
Carved with marbles and jewels.
Painted in pure gold.
The figure is majestic indeed,
But marbles and jewels are cold stones,
And pure gold is soft, yes.
Sep 2019 · 390
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
A low burning light,
The ground is soaking wet though,
Now glowing in blue.
I know we all have suicidal thoughts and have been at our lowest point, but know that, we'll get through it no matter how hard the situation is and how sad we are about it, I'm sure that we'll grow stronger afterwards.
Sep 2019 · 296
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
I saw a person,
Breathing still in the ocean,
Staring back at me.
Sep 2019 · 328
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
The flower you hold,
Too tight and it will crumple,
No growth if too loose.
Sep 2019 · 378
My night
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
The moon's glistening,
I know she is listening,
my nightly singing.
Sep 2019 · 343
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
Blinking lights I see,
As I empty my restless self,
Captivating like twinkling stars,
That would do death,
To shine upon us their charm,
Like you,
And everyone I'm thinking of,
Are those flickering beacon,
That saves me from sinking,
Ergo you are,
The so called profound beauty,
In this vast dark realm of mine,
Sep 2019 · 343
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
She was crying,
He was hurting,
Both for the same cause,
Yet they pretended like nothing happened,
And wore their lies wonderfully well,
So the other wouldn't know,
What buried 'neath their hearts,
That they thought were over,
But never fades.
Sep 2019 · 302
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
I’ve been too drowned in my own cries,
Too used to suffocate,
The coldness doesn’t even reach me anymore,
That I am unsure of my own feelings,
If I have any,
To say I have none would be misleading,
When the tears are still streaming,
And the nights are always long,
Where the sun never rises.
Sep 2019 · 513
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
As a soul I am restless,
For every passing hour my heart cries for it to end,
That may this vessel can rest to sleep,
But my head often in thoughts,
Voicing to oneself as if there's two,
Hauling in pain such of life and living,
Reaping each serenity that lingers,
Leaving this space in me pitch black,
Only to know the definition of ultramarine,
Where everything you see left a blue,
And 'till dusk this cycle of agony,
Mounting the sleepless nights within me.
Sep 2019 · 360
Goddess Rue Sep 2019
Weep my tears,
Wash my face,
Don't let them see;

Shut in your feelings,
Don't let it escape your lungs,
Mute your heart,
So they can't hear;

How foolish,
Tormenting myself repeatedly,
Knowing that it's wrong,
To make them believe that I am my disguise.
Aug 2019 · 599
Prairie Gentian
Goddess Rue Aug 2019
Your kind words whispered clear,
With your soft smile you wiped my tears,
Told me to cherish them,
To not shed it for unworthy cause,
But when I looked at you through the corner of my eyes,
As if yours were sparkling,
From crying for me.

And from that moment onward,
I knew you lied when you said my heart was fragile,
Because yours were as delicate as Lisianthus,
And mine were a mere Daisy.

Yet your existence proves that,
Being brittle as can be is never weak.
Aug 2019 · 231
Goddess Rue Aug 2019
When did it start?
My heart beats rhymed with yours,
Should I know you were leaving,
Long have I fessed to you,
These bottled words,

When did you notice?
Did I act differently?
Deserving, am I? For your worries.
How well do you know of me?
Give up, would I? On trying,
Should I know.

I met you.
On one fateful day? No, just a day.
You saw me, when I didn’t,
You held onto me,
When I was trying,
To let go,
Of me.

In truth, if I had known,
I deserved you,
Long would I see, your ascend,
As the sun rises,
A new light, over the mountains,
Paved a gold path,
For you along with my words,
And a tree, to carry beyond.

Oh, pathetic soul,
What could hurt me so bad,
That I won’t open my eyes,
Even the slightest,
Even to try,
To see you,
In your warmth of a smile,
To see me,
Caressed, by your halo.

Now, I bid you adieu,
Silently, without any say,
With the bottle, still in my hands,
With guilt and a thought,
What happened, happens for a reason,
Another mystery, a misery,
Which will forever mute me,
And blind me,
From seeing another,
Light as accepting as yours.
We've been through so much that sometimes we tend to focus more on things that suffocates us than those who cared for us. Don't let this blind you, look at them, truly see, what they've done for you, don't take them for granted, before it's too late.

— The End —