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my heart is black roses,
you’re lying on black roses,
my eyes are of diamond relics,
warm and wet,
my lips are waves of bleeding fire,
I am in diamonds, I am in tears,
I told you I am evanescent in time,
you taste me once and then you die,
I am the storm and nature of your personality,
do you truly understand what hides above and underneath the world?
it’s just above my heart, it’s just a scream,
a purple scream,
the scream of sexuality and love.
on Earth I breathe my soul to keep,
by the grace of holiness,
pure touch of senses from beyond,
I am the flower of divine,
shy in the winds of time,
heavens boil inside my depth,
tear of eternal beauty wave.
a dust of the moon wipes my face and my crystal edges,
hiding from the evil eye of the world,
it was a spell without a clue,
with the shadow in the thought the death angels called,
a twilight under the eyes of the holy ghost,
the death of the long-time world,
under my eyes of cold shadows,
red arrows and dry shadows.
I come from far away,
I am here to save and to protect your vulnerability,
the unknown nature of your mind,
as you grow wise your life will have the meaning you are searching for.
I cry the moon and night for you,
with all my heart I crave for you,
and roses cry along the freezing bed,
it’s nothing left and you seem dead.
I am the Goddess Of The Divine and fragrance of the night,
on my lip whirling waterfalls of love to strive,
the shadow window beats in jar bells,
my being is the art of the divine,
for I loved you since the first day,
and that was my only love on earth,
but you were scared of your religious background,
scared of what the society might think about us.

— The End —