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I feel a bit empty inside
Like I'm filled with clouds
But not the pretty kind

The dark ones,
That make you think it's gonna rain
But then don't
A poem every day
  May 2 michael arias
people don't label my pain
as real as others

but i promise, it's just as lethal
my teardrops
are hanging on strings
and you pull them
just right
mother, you have always been the puppetmaster. and i wish i could cut my strings.

one day i'll have the scissors. and when that day comes, i'm not ever looking back. so enjoy this power while you can.

spray paint
on cement walls
in an art form

i'll tag one of these walls
and you'll hold my paint cans
as we fill our lungs with smoke
dreaming of the future. wish i had some spray paint. or a smoke. and you. always you.

  Apr 22 michael arias
i don’t know how to stop.

i don’t even know how it started
  Apr 20 michael arias
you aren't sweet
you're salty.
but i like to lick
the sweat from your

you aren't soft
you're sharp.
but i like the way
your nails feel against my

you aren't loud
you're quiet.
but i like to sit and
just think with

you aren't poetic
you're poetry.
but i like to write
you into
you aren't with me.
you're too far away.
but i like the way
you sound on the
i love you.
a lot.
and i miss you.
i hope one day the world will let us be together in peace.
i want to be with you.
in times of chaos, and times of calm.
i want to be with you.
stuck in madness.
but if we together are the madness, i don't want it.
i wanna be with you,
but i wanna be okay with you.
i love you.
and i miss you.
a lot.
A poem every day
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