liv 19h
young people’s dreams are crushed
by the place they go where they are taught
to learn a cookie cutter way
and that their gifts are not gifts
in a world like this
we’re meant to be robots
creativity and originality is
simply dismissed
school sucks
liv 4d
having dreams in your mind
leave you with daggers in your heart
heart of gold but not titanium
liv 4d
we could all be a teacher
we’re all wise about something
taught lessons we didn’t ask for
as we make our way through life
and we can teach people going through
similar things
what we learned from those lessons
we’re all just naive students and teachers
in this school called life
that have learned so much
and have so much to tell about
yet have so much to learn
the school of life
liv Sep 14
we’re all just trying to fill holes in our heart
someway somehow
we’re all losing something or someone
so maybe that’s why
when people numb their mind with alcohol
they call it getting plastered
we’re all broken people
liv Sep 13
how come when i have a thought so powerful and it makes me feel happy
i can’t hold on to it
but when i have a thought so devastating and it makes me sad
it stays in my mind all the damn time
happens all the damn time
liv Sep 9
it’s possible to know what someone’s going through
but impossible to know
their exact feelings and emotions
don’t invalidate anyone’s feels
liv Sep 9
you’ll never know
probably ever
the impact you have on a strangers life
by simply being kind
you may keep them alive
so even on your worst days
be a nice person
because even if you want to die
you may save someone’s life
credit to my amazing gf for this advice
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