exist Nov 5
if i had one wish
it would be to see in to the future
but as long as you’re in it
there’s nothing i would change
everything happens for a reason, whatever that may be
exist Oct 30
when i leave this earth
and everything i do is in vain
at least i helped with your pain
even if it was just for a day
you’ll never suffer alone
exist Oct 30
if we’re not sitting in a therapists office
we’re out getting drunk
because for some reason our lives
are only spent coping
it’s almost as though
humans weren’t meant to feel emotions
it’s seems as though
our own thoughts are against us
if our only purpose in life is to live, why do we have to suffer through it
exist Oct 29
i hope you don’t relate to my poetry
because i hope you’re living a life
so beautifully unique
and unbelievably interesting
that none of my words
have meaning to you
i hope you’re doing what you want only
exist Oct 29
perhaps the reason i play sims
is i’m convinced that it’s the only way i’ll be able to experience a life
other than the one i have now
life is nothing but a simulation for me
exist Oct 29
sitting in a psychiatrist office
talking about the meaning
and purpose of my life
i realized i first need
to get out of of this office
and this ******* town
my purpose is somewhere i just have to find it
exist Oct 25
you never see a *** person shoving their sexuality in people’s faces like certain people with their religious beliefs

you want to know why?

our people are scared of those people and their beliefs that we are less of a human because of something we can’t change

this goes for anyone that receives hate for something they can’t change. whether it’s sexuality, skin color, or anything.

if you see anyone being put down because someone believes “it’s not right” then it’s not about that persons beliefs anymore, it’s about that person’s choice to attack someone, for something they were assigned at birth.

it’s time to make a change. if your religion is leading you to live a hateful life, then you need to reflect on yourself, and put yourself in other people’s shoes.
i am entitled to my opinion and i’ve wanted to say this for a while
not about an experience of my own, just sick of the hate
not speaking for all of the religion, just those that these words apply for
it’s sad that people would turn their backs on their family for their own religious beliefs
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