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Paige Jan 2018
The hazy grey sky drops snowflakes to kiss my cheeks.
He contracts the gust of winds for me.

I gingerly take my gloves off,
Stretch my fingers,
Place my hand on the cement of snow.
He mists my hair with a crown of raindrops.

Cold snowflakes chill my bones.
His chilling love boils my blood.
My lungs cake with frost.
He pushes the sun to melt his touch.

His warm melancholy tears drop on my eyelashes.
My breath vanishes my handprint.
His snowflakes nip my lips goodbye.
He yearns my love.
I feel his love.
He sees my smile and lets me go.
Paige Jan 2018
My soldier traveled across the sea.
He gazed upon twinkling purple Crete stars and thought of me.
He felt the undertones of my body in the grey blue Bahrain Sea.
I sent him my warmest love when he stared at the sparkling sun.

My soldier came home when my letters arrived.
Time was too long.
Her silky hair laid on his chest,
just as the dry Crete wind blew,
when I whispered I love you 6000 miles away.
Paige Jan 2018
God cried as He took you away from me.
Satan's angels incircled me with fear and sadness, trying to blame God for their dirtywork.
God struck a lightning bolt down to Hell to stop my body from shaking.
It was that moment...
I hated the devil, not God.
Paige Nov 2017
My life is a lot like the English language.
None of it makes ******* sense.
Paige Aug 2017
Don't worry...
We give the world vision
Words with color
Tasteful. delicious. language.

We stroke sixty shades of beauty
Accent the body
Observe. perfect. imperfections.

We layer music like cake
A sonorous crunch of bittersweet flavor
Crisp. textured. harmonies.

We expose raw motives of human beings
The aperture is our eye
Zoom. Focus. Click.

Don't worry...
Don't let Corporate America fool you.
Sure, we need doctors, lawyers, nurses, and politicians...but at the end of the day,
       that painting
       that melody
       that book
       that photo
  sparks dreams. desires. emotion.
Paige Jan 2017
Back in '99 everyone sat on their stoop,
while we ran through the water from the fire hydrant.
Double Dutch ran all the way down the block until 9 p.m.
Neighbors sat on the porch with beer in their hands while smoking a blunt.
We had no idea that half of the block were trap houses.
Or the fact that there was a bed bug chamber not that far away.
Bugs travelled through all the row homes right after we left.

Eighteen years later, I drove down the block.
Some stayed, some moved away; still doing the same old thing.
Some windows boarded up, some broken.
No double dutch, no street ball, or chalk on the sidewalks;
Just the same old bugs crawling around.
Buckius St..what a small *** street.
Paige Jan 2017
Being single forever does not mean there is no value to my life.
I'm used to this independence and I don't want it to change.
It does not mean that I think I'm ugly;
For I believe that I have a beautiful soul and have been blessed with attractive physical features.
It does not mean that I'm anti-men.
It means that I don't need a man to return the love that I have give to people everyday.
It does not mean that I stay inside.
I thrive off of travel and multiple personalities.
It means that I am an advocate for self love and soul searching.
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