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 Oct 2020 Giuliana Modugno
Please, be gentle.

My leaves have shriveled and fallen
time and time again now.
So you understand.

Be gentle, please.
The leaves will change
And fall to our feet
The winds will blow
Let the branches meet

Crisp morning air
To fill the lungs
Of townspeople walking
Warmed by the sun

Yet still our paths
May not yet cross
Lest we bathe
In seas of loss

The world still turns
So trapped in place
Stuck longing just
To touch your face
 Aug 2020 Giuliana Modugno
Being your light was hard
I fed my disappointments to pyromaniacs
Itching to strike matches against your spine
Breathing, into your hair
Begging, light me up
When my light finally does fade
Remember me
As the dirt under your nails
Sprinkle it on my grave
Along with your tears
This is goodbye
"I'm an open book"
She says

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 May 2020 Giuliana Modugno
 May 2020 Giuliana Modugno
i never used to smoke
but since you left,
it’s the only time i can seem to breathe
 Aug 2019 Giuliana Modugno
 Aug 2019 Giuliana Modugno
Love is an expansion
Not a contraction
Love is giving not taking
Love is an understanding
Not rationalizing
Love is forgiving
Love is embracing
Possessing object or a person
Is not love  
It’s an attachment and greed
If it’s a true love
You never have a fear of losing
You believe in love
Your own heart
Love lives with its authenticity
Regardless space ,time , distance and relationships
Love radiates on its own
If there is a tinge of fear
It’s not love
When love is the guide
It knows the destination
Believe in love
It’s your protector
It’s your salvation

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